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N.G. 2nd March, 1861
Improved Ordnance

James Brown Esq., the worthy Mayor of this Borough, has been engaged during this week in making experiments, under the arrangements of the Authorities at Woolwich on a piece of ordnance, improved after a plan suggested by Messrs Brown, Hughes and Lancaster. The gun with which the experiments are now being made is one of the ordinary smooth-bore guns, provided by the Government, and the improvement consists in planing down the breech end, and fitting over it a jacket of superior made wrought iron.

The present experiments are not adopted with a view to test the range or accuracy of the gun, but simply its strength. With this in view the weight of shot is increased after every series of rounds, and up to Wednesday evening the experiments had afforded every satisfaction. Sixty rounds were fired on that day. On Thursday the experiments were resumed, with an increased charge, and heavier load. At the seventh round the gun burst all round above the trunnions, and from thence to the muzzle, leaving the improved portion of the gun intact.

N.G. 30th March, 1861
Marrying a Brother's Widow

At Monmouthshire Assizes Edward James surrendered to take his trial on a charge, that on 19th January 1861 he made a certain false notice of marriage, before the Registrar at Newport, for the purpose of marrying one Jane James, who was his brother's widow. By the advice of his Counsel he pleaded guilty. The prosecution intimated that there was no wish to press for punishment. All that was wished for was that the law should be made known and vindicated. Mr. Justice Blackburn said, as the object of the prosecution was that the law should be made known, it would be sufficient to pass a light sentence - viz, one months imprisonment with hard labour.

N.G. 20th April, 1861
Canine Nuisance

We observe that the usual notice has been issued against dogs being allowed at large unmuzzled. Is this not a farce? We would ask if any proceedings have been taken for years past against owners of dogs, who have treated the notice with contempt. If not, why not? It is a scandal to the town that hundreds of snarling, thieving curs should be allowed to traverse the public streets, to the manifest danger to the lives of the inhabitants.

N.G. 13th July, 1861
A Band of Musicians Upset

On Thursday, a band of musicians belonging to the theatre, now stationed in the Cattle Market, was returning from a drive through the town in a ricketty vehicle; by some misfortune they were thrown out by a collision and several received rather severe contusions.

Star of Gwent. 15th July, 1861
Assaulting The Rev. Williams

William Cauldron Parker was charged with assaulting the Rev. Chancellor Williams M.A. at Bassaleg on Saturday last. The Rev, gentleman said he was very sorry to have to make a complaint against a parishioner. On the morning of the day named he went to a butcher's shop to order some meat as usual. He was met at the shop door by the defendant who said "All parsons ought to be hanged and the Baptists too'. The Rev, said "Parker you had better go away". "Ho I shan't" said he "What business have you got to order me from here?" Witness replied that if he didn't go away he would send for the police to take him. "I defy the police" was the rejoinder, "I don't care for the police or you either." Defendant held his fist in his face and threatened to knock his nose off his face. The Reverend gentleman went out of the shop to get out of his way and told a passer by to get a policeman.

N.G. 9th November, 1861
Ship Launch

On Tuesday last a fine vessel was launched from the shipyards of Messrs W. & J.H. Williams of this town. She is to be part rigged, and is destined for trading in the China Seas. At twenty minutes past eight she began to move gently on her "Ways" and was named the 'George Rutstone' by Miss Rutstone, the daughter of the owner, and then dipped gracefully into her future element amidst loud cheering from those on board, and the hundreds of spectators that lined either shore.

N.G. 16th November, 1861
Letter to the Editor


I was present at the Mayor's re-election on the 9th inst. when a great deal was said of his good qualities, great abilities, and faithful discharge of all his public duties. In this I entirely concur, barring one very gross omission which the Mayor, while presiding over the meeting, allowed the audience to be insulted by the celebrated Bacchanalian Champion, George Bateson, who unblushingly took out his flask of spirits, poured its contents in a vessel, and drunk off before the whole audience, exulting in the act, as "achieving a triumph over the tee totallers".

The Mayor I am sorry to say witnessed the disgusting scene without administering a timely rebuke to the perpetrator of this outrage. I should have thought the Mayor would only have been faithfully discharging his duty, by ordering his arrest, charging him the next day with an act of indecency, and thus taught the inhabitants of this town that he (the Mayor) would not allow them to be insulted at their public meetings by an ignorant dram-seller

I remain Sir

N.G. 21st December, 1861
Death of Prince Consort

The intelligence of the death of Prince Albert was made known in this town early on Sunday morning last. Copies of the telegram were posted at the Church doors and other public places, and the shipping, with few exceptions, exhibited their bunting at half mast. At St. Paul's Church by the Rev. J. T. Wrenford, and at Trinity Church by the Rev. S. Fox, touching allusions were made to the sad event, and prayers offered up that Her Most Gracious Majesty might be supported under her heavy affliction

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