Richard Frame

Richard Frame
"The story of Rodaway first seized my interest in St. Woolos and its residents.
Perhaps it's an odd thing to say but this place is living history."

Richard Frame came to Newport in the early 1970’s to attend the local art college. It didn’t take long before he became immersed in Newport’s history, and in 1983 jointly founded the local history society. Shortly after he discovered the final resting place of John Frost in Horefield, Bristol. He went onto write Haunted Holy Ground with Mike Buckingham, they continued their partnership and produced Through the Centuries Eye Pictures of Newport 1850 to 1939. In 1999, shortly after the death of Alexander Cordell, they published his biography Alexander Cordell.  Richard is an active member of The Chartist Anniversary Committee, he regularly gives talks on such subjects as “Britain’s Secret Army”, St Woollos Cemetery, John Frost and the prehistoric monuments of Gwent. He is available to give guided tours around St Woollos Cemetery and selected parts of Newport and the surrounding countryside.

Richard Frame
Richard Frame 2012
Photo Courtesy South Wales Argus

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