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The school kept records of pupils' careers and lifetime events, including involvement in WW1. These records were kept in 7 volumes, the dates of these volumes refer to the years pupils left the school. Unfortunately volume 3 was missing from the records extracted from the basement room of the school on the Bettws site, maybe it was waterlogged and damaged beyond recovery. It is possible there never was a volume 3, as volume 2 contained details of pupils leaving from 1897 to 1908, and volume 4 from 1908 to 1919.

Dave Woolven has done a splendid job of transcribing these records, however it just would not have been possible for him to include the complete details for every past pupil... partly due to the difficulty deciphering the handwriting, the poor condition of some of the documents and partly due to the sheer volume of the data. However he has summarised the career information and recorded when there is more information in the original document.

See, for example, the directory entry for W. H. Thomas (below) who left Newport High School in 1904. His career started as a clerk in the office of Walter Meacock, accountant. Entries continued to be made up until 1915 when he was acting manager in the Board of Trade Labour Exchange, Exeter.

Read the transcriber's notes.

Directory page 403 for WH Thomas after leaving Newport High School 1904