St Woolos Mixed Junior School Admission Registers 1914 - 1915


First Name Last Name DOB Admission Date Date Left Parent More Info...
Ada Barnes 5-Jun-1905 12-Jan-1914 20-Nov-1914 Geo Barnes Click here
Winifred Hilda Bowen 23-Feb-1906 12-Jan-1914 BLANK Hilda Bowen Click here
Lilian Cliss 14-Jan-1907 12-Jan-1914 23-Apr-1915 Richd H Cliss Click here
Jane Davies 13-Dec-1900 12-Jan-1914 26-Jun-1914 Edward Davies Click here
Gwendoline Emma Johnson 26-Jan-1907 12-Jan-1914 31-Jul-1914 JJ Johnson Click here
Olive Mabel Jones 28-Sep-1908 12-Jan-1914 17-Jul-1914 JE Jones Click here
Lyra Maria Littlejohns 26-Oct-1905 12-Jan-1914 BLANK FW Littlejohns Click here
Alice Elizth McCarthy 30-Aug-1906 12-Jan-1914 BLANK Chas W McCarthy Click here
Gladys May Richards 10-Sep-1908 12-Jan-1914 BLANK Thos Richards Click here
Leonorah Richards 5-Jun-1904 12-Jan-1914 26-Jun-1914 Thos Richards Click here
Alice Isobel Speedy 6-Jun-1907 12-Jan-1914 28-May-1915 Wm Speedy Click here
Lilian Elizth Speedy 6-Nov-1904 12-Jan-1914 24-Jul-1914 Wm Speedy Click here
Helena Annie Wallis 11-Nov-1904 12-Jan-1914 26-Jun-1914 Chas Wallis Click here
Agnes Williams 4-Feb-1906 12-Jan-1914 13-Mar-1914 A Williams Click here
Fredk Hansen 25-Jul-1905 12-Jan-1914 4-May-1914 H Hansen Click here
Jas Wm Davies 30-Jul-1902 12-Jan-1914 26-Jun-1914 Edward L Davies Click here
Henry Gwynn Griffiths 5-Feb-1903 12-Jan-1914 26-Jun-1914 Saml Warry Click here
Harold Wallace Haynes 9-Feb-1904 12-Jan-1914 19-May-1914 AJ Haynes Click here
John Stanley Jackson 2-Jul-1902 12-Jan-1914 19-Jun-1914 HJ Jackson Click here
Stephen Richd Littlejohns 22-Feb-1908 12-Jan-1914 BLANK FW Littlejohns Click here
Cecil Morris 5-Apr-1900 12-Jan-1914 28-May-1914 A Morris Click here
Chas Henry Nevison 14-Dec-1903 12-Jan-1914 26-Jun-1914 Chas H Nevison Click here
Chas Jabez Wallis 6-Oct-1907 12-Jan-1914 26-Jun-1914 Chas Wallis Click here
Saml Williams 15-Jun-1900 12-Jan-1914 12-Jan-1914 A Williams Click here
Arthur Robt Lloyd 26-Apr-1900 12-Jan-1914 24-Apr-1914 Robt Lloyd Click here

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