St Woolos Mixed Infants School Admission Registers 1895 - 1940


First Name Last Name DOB Admission Date Date Left Parent More Info...
Maud Hillier 19-Apr-1890 27-May-1895 10-Aug-1896 Wm Hillier Click here
Fanny Morris 3-Apr-1892 27-May-1895 8-May-1898 John Morris Click here
Wm Wildy 5-Jun-1890 27-May-1895 9-May-1898 Benj Wildy Click here
Sarah Ann Byfield 2-Feb-1891 27-May-1895 9-May-1898 Abraham Byfield Click here
Philip Jenkins 4-Feb-1891 27-May-1895 16-Sep-1895 Henry Jenkins Click here
Alice Venn ..-Oct-1891 27-May-1895 9-May-1898 Geo Venn Click here
Godfrey Saunders 29-Mar-1891 27-May-1895 9-May-1898 Thos Saunders Click here
Lily Fletcher 9-Apr-1892 27-May-1895 28-Jun-1895 John Fletcher Click here
Henry Rendall 8-Oct-1890 27-May-1895 BLANK Wm Rendall Click here
Gertrude Legge 24-May-1892 27-May-1895 8-May-1899 Thos Legge Click here
Arthur Fisher 19-Oct-1891 27-May-1895 9-May-1898 John Jas Fisher Click here
Elizth Hopkins 8-Jan-1891 27-May-1895 9-May-1898 Chas Hopkins Click here
Lily Avery 11-Sep-1891 27-May-1895 BLANK Frank Avery Click here
Edwin Roberts 2-Jan-1891 10-Jun-1895 13-Jan-1896 John Roberts Click here
Winifred Price 21-Jul-1891 10-Jun-1895 BLANK John Price Click here
John Groves 25-Sep-1891 10-Jun-1895 16-Jun-1896 Hugh Groves Click here
Dora Victory 17-Apr-1891 10-Jun-1895 9-May-1898 Wm Victory Click here
Elizth A Stevens 9-Jun-1889 10-Jun-1895 BLANK David Stevens Click here
Geo Stevens 14-Dec-1890 10-Jun-1895 9-May-1898 David Stevens Click here
Stanley Herbert 18-Feb-1892 10-Jun-1895 9-May-1898 John Herbert Click here
Gertrude M Bennett 10-Jun-1892 10-Jun-1895 BLANK Geo Bennett Click here
Robt Taylor 12-Mar-1890 10-Jun-1895 8-May-1899 Bertie Taylor Click here
Emma Edith Reed 30-Jun-1891 10-Jun-1895 3-May-1897 Angus Reed Click here
Alexander Francis Morgan Cox 16-Aug-1890 10-Jun-1895 9-May-1898 Alfred Cox Click here
Monty Phillips 29-Sep-1890 10-Jun-1895 29-Sep-1890 Joseph Phillips Click here

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