St Marys Infant School
Log Book 1863 - 1945 Extracts

1 Jul 1863            Head Teacher Mary J Doyle, pupil teacher Mary O’Brien
1 Jul 1863            Margt Barrett & Honora Crowe admitted as pupil teachers 1 Jun 1863
20 Aug 1863        Cautions given to children respecting the payment of school fees
27 Aug 1863        Wet weather
16 Sep 1863         Children warned against little habits of theft
17 Sep 1863         Great care is taken that the distribution of slates, pencils &c order is preserved
21 Oct 1863         Many children with scarlet fever
10 Jun 1864         Better attendance on a Friday owing to the threat of having the names of absent children read out before the people in church on Sunday
22 Aug 1864        Pupil teacher Mary O’Brien withdrawn;  Johanna Power admitted as pupil teacher
24 Feb 1865         Continual falls of snow
28 Aug 1865        Head Teacher Mary Jane Doyle left.  School in charge of Margt Egan
28 Feb 1866         Children desired to come cleaner
16 Apr 1866        School closed for a week in consequence of the death of Sister Mary Antonia
4 Aug 1866          Head Teacher Margaret Swift
30 Aug 1866        Received 24 new slates  [these were for writing on with a slate pencil.  DW]
27 Sep 1866         Ellen Nihan in care of the last class
28 Sep 1866         Margt Swift left the school
1 Oct 1866           Head Teacher Margt Doyle
25 Jan 1867         Children cautioned to come clean to school
11 Sep 1867         The babies were so troublesome I joined first & second classes & moved them to the large gallery
16 Sep 1867         T Cavelli wishes the infants to go home by Charles St in order to avoid accidents from horses in Commercial St
7 Oct 1867           Catherine Probert came on trial to teach
28 Oct 1867         Catherine Probert discontinued as pupil teacher
12 Nov 1867        Children reproved for rough behaviour in the street going home from school
2 Dec 1867          AT Douglas sent as a candidate to teach in the school
22 Jan 1868         Heavy fall of snow
19 Mar 1868        Some grown boys complained of for stealing from shops
19 Jun 1868         Ealinor Parry commenced teaching as mistress
6 Aug 1868          Many children without books
12 Aug 1868        Eleanor Parry (mistress) sent to the girls school, replaced by Katie Barrett, pupil teacher 1st year
16 Feb 1869         A Douglas absent with a bad cold

Staff Jun 1869     Mistress Ellen White;  Pupil teachers Catherine Barrett & Annie Douglas

2 Aug 1869          Very wet
20 Dec 1869        Annie Douglas absent owing to her step father being dead
9 May 1870         Several children refused admission due to lack of room
8 Aug 1870          Miss Ellen White ceased to have charge of this school, replaced by Margaret Doyle
1 Sep 1870           Annie Douglas in accordance with the notice given by her mother ceased to be pupil teacher
2 Sep 1870           Kate Buckley takes the place of Annie Douglas
24 Apr 1871        Several children refused admittance due to the school being full
9 Jun 1871           Mistress returned having been ill since 9th May.  The school was in charge of Miss Sullivan, probationary teacher & Kate Buckly, pupil teacher
30 Jun 1871         Kate Buckley, pupil teacher,. absent
18 Aug 1871        Kate Buckley returned to school, she proved unable to continue her duties, her bodily health is still weak & her memory all but gone
22 Sep 1871         The Pill children told to go to the new school which was to be opened the following Monday
29 Sep 1871         Kate Irvin sent to the new school in Pill & Gertrude Roe takes her place as monitress here
16 Oct 1871         Mistress ill, Kate Barrett, pupil teacher takes care of the school
4 Dec 1871          Mary Butler, pupil teacher, absent due to her mother being ill
12 Feb 1872         Gertrude Roe ceased to be monitress, replaced by Margaret Lee
22 Apr 1872        Margaret Lee shown great indolence & incapacity to learn her lessons was dismissed & replaced by Bridget Dee as monitress
6 May 1872         Anne Hudson, pupil teacher, came from the girls school to replace Bridget Dee
10 Jan 1873         Very wet, many absent
28 Jul 1873          Mary A McGuiness in charge of the school.  Miss Carnes too indisposed to continue
5 Sep 1873           A Hudson, pupil teacher, gone to girls school, replaced by Margt Lee
21 Nov 1873        Mary A Spery, 3rd class pupil, died today
6 Dec 1873          Received a dozen new slates for use of school  [slates were for writing on with slate pencils.  DW]
19 Dec 1873        Annie Hudson, 5th year pupil teacher, absent due to the death of her mother
29 Dec 1873        School opened to give the children a treat & Xmas tree
23 Jan 1874         Treat given by the Mayor in honour of Prince Alfred’s marriage
19 Jun 1874         Mary Butler, 5th year pupil teacher sent to girls school, Margt Ann Crane replaces her
21 Aug 1874        Ellen Carey, 2nd year pupil teacher from St Michael’s, Pill, teaching here at present
4 Dec 1874          Mary Butler, 5th year pupil teacher, resigns in order to prepare for the coming examination as candidate to St Mary’s Training College, Liverpool
11 Dec 1874        Elizth Butler has replaced Mary Butler
18 Dec 1874        Heavy snow
19 Feb 1875         Decrease in pupil numbers owing to the colliers strike which affects the Newport shipping
16 Apr 1875        Holiday on Tuesday because of the opening of the new docks.  Treat given by the Mayor
27 Aug 1875        Rev Manager said that he was unable to meet the school expences under the present arrangement & decided that all children except orphans should pay 2d per week in future
21 Jan 1876         Very cold & wet
1 Dec 1876          Scarlet fever prevalent in the neighbourhood
10 Feb 1877         A new desk has been provided for the Mistress
3 Mar 1877          Rev Cavalli offered to pay the school fees of the poor children
10 May 1878       Very warm weather, lessons in the playground
7 Oct 1878           Miss Johanna Howard & Miss Bridget Howard entered as assistants
10 Jan 1879         School closed due to extreme weather
13 Jan 1879         E Butler gives up teaching in order to enter St Mary’s Teaching College, replaced by Elizabeth Brittell, pupil teacher
10 Oct 1879         Received box of prepared chalk & 3 boxes of pencils
24 Oct 1879         Fires lit
9 Apr 1880          holiday Tuesday & Wednesday due to the excitement caused by the election of the Member of Parliament
26 Apr 1880        Kate Cunningham entered as temporary monitress
5 Nov 1880          Elizth Brittle absent due to illness
21 Jan 1881         Heavy snow
22 Feb 1881         Elizth Brettell transferred to the girls school, replaced by Teresa Roe
8 Apr 1881          Kate Cunningham transferred to St Michael’s School, Pill, replaced by Mary E Knapman
24 Mar 1882        Teresa Roe absent 3 days – illness
7 Jul 1882            Teresa Roe absent having gone to Liverpool to sit for her scholarship examination
11 Jul 1882          Teresa roe resumes her school duties
2 Mar 1883          Received an American organ for use in the school
6 Apr 1883          Teaching boys sewing
8 Jun 1883           Received a stock of knitting pins
2 Nov 1883          Edith Baker, (1st year pupil teacher) absent 2 days due to the death of a relative
7 Dec 1883          Edith Baker absent  one & half days on account of a relation of her father from America after an absence of 12 years
13 Jun 1884         Very hot
27 Jun 1884         A considerable portion of the playground is cut off from use on account of the rebuilding of the Westgate Hotel which adjoins the school
20 Feb 1885         Whooping cough prevalent
30 Jun 1885         School closed due to the funeral of Sister Mary Stanislaus, late Mistress of St Mary’s Girls School
27 Nov 1885        This being election day, children were dismissed fearing the streets would become riotous later in the day
15 Jan 1886         Anna Hansey, monitress absent
12 Feb 1886         Edith Baker absent due to her mother’s illness
26 Feb 1886         Miss Waddle of Kings Hill & distributed sweets
6 Jul 1886            General election day.  Children dismissed for fear of riots later in the day
3 Jan 1887           Small attendance due to the cold & dangerous state of the roads
14 Jan 1887         Two children seriously injured on their way home, the roads being very slippery
15 Mar 1887        Heavy fall of snow
25 Mar 1887        At Mass part of the masonry fell onto the ventilator breaking several large panes of glass.  Only one child, Elizabeth Barnes, was slightly injured receiving a slight scratch on the hand
20 May 1887       Received some slate pencils & chalk
27 May 1887       School closed earlier for summer holidays due to the celebration of Her Majesty’s jubilee
27 Jun 1887         During the holidays Kate Jennings, aged 5 years, one of the most promising pupils, died of an attack of croup
13 Jan 1888         Chicken pox prevalent
3 Feb 1888           Received a glass prism for school use
14 Feb 1888         Heavy snow storm
9 Mar 1888          Class 2 in charge of Lottie Summerill, 2nd year pupil teacher
2 May 1888         One of the babies Gerald Sexton died rather suddenly from a severe attack of diphtheria
11 May 1888       Large rat in the dinner room.  No place for dinners until it is caught
7 Jun 1888           Half holiday for the Bath & West show which is being held on the Marshes
9 Nov 1888          Very cold, fires lit
24 May 1889       Agnes Atkinson, pupil teacher, absent on account of the death of her sister
9 Jan 1890           Agnes Atkinson absent – ill
27 Aug 189          Torrential rain
16 Jan 1891         Intense cold
23 Jan 1891         Children given blocks of patent fuel purchased with money from Sir G Eliot for the relief of the poor of Newport
1 May 1891         Agnes Atkinson absent due to treatment she is having for her very weak sight
26 Jun 1891         A little boy, William Denly who went home on Friday quite well, died very suddenly on Sunday night, the 21st
9 Jul 1891            Charlotte Summerill, pupil teacher went to the Bristol Centre for the scholarship examination
9 Nov 1891          Agnes Atkinson absent, her mother & three little sisters being very ill.  Annie Murphy, a little candidate, sent from Holy Cross School to help
16 Nov 1891        Agnes Atkinson still absent, her class taken by a girl of 14, a candidate – Gertrude Nihan
27 Jan 1892         Agnes Atkinson still absent due to the illness of her little brother & sister
20 May 1892       Florence Payne absent due to illness
1 Jul 1892            John Welsh, a liitle boy in the 3rd class was killed last Saturday by a fall from a window.  At his funeral on Wednesday at 3.30 24 of his little companions walked in white suits & black sashes
5 May 1893         Half holiday for the May Day Show
6 Jul 1893            Holiday for marriage of Prince George of Wales
3 Nov 1893          Agnes Atkinson absent since mid summer due to her mother’s illness.  Her mother died yesterday
5 Jan 1894           Snow storm
18 Jan 1894         Agnes Atkinson ceased to be employed in this school
13 Dec 1894        Sister M Austin (Mary A McGuiness) died last night.  She had been mistress of this school from July 1873 until March 1879
30 Jan 1895         Very deep snow
4 Mar 1895          Great distress amongst the poor due to the prolonged cold, many families starving due to the enforced idleness of the parents
17 Jul 1895          Election day.  Children allowed to play in the yard to keep them off the streets & getting into mischief
17 Dec 1895        Florence Payne goes to Cardiff to sit the scholarship examination
19 Mar 1896        The new schools at Maindee open today
27 Mar 1896        Florence Payne has received a place in First Division on the scholarship list with credit in history
24 Apr 1896        A parrot was given to the school.  It talked a little
1 Jun 1896           Sports in a field at the Gaer
19 Jun 1896         Mary Jennings attend the (music) Trinity College examination
11 Sep 1896         Florence Payne entered Wandsworth College today.  Matilda Hamilton, a candidate, received on probation
16 Oct 1896         Scarletina prevalent
19 Feb 1897         Maud Haley comes on probation
26 Apr 1897        Mr Brook, Master of the Boys Department requests 3 boys from this school be received here in order that they may be taught in the classes to which they are suited.  One, George Hunt is 9 years of age
18 Jun 1897         A week’s holiday given in honour of Her Majesty’s glorious reign of 60 years
5 Nov 1897          Miss Frances Slade is allowed to help teaching the 2nd class as she wishes to become a pupil teacher
14 Dec 1897        Mary Jennings goes to Cardiff for the scholarship examination
25 Mar 1898        Mary Jennings has obtained a 2nd Class in the scholarship examination
17 Jun 1898         Matilda Hamilton (Art 33) has left the school.  Ethel Dunn a candidate from St Michael’s has replaced her
16 Sep 1898         Class 2 in charge of Miss O’Neill
2 Dec 1898          Nora McCarthy absent 2 days
13 Jan 1899         Children had their Christmas treat & tea party
3 Mar 1899          Miss O’Neill has been absent since 22nd due to illness, her class taken by Mrs Lewis (Miss Gertrude Nihan)
11 Jun 1899         Class 2 in charge of Mrs Lewis (Gertrude Nihan).  Class 3 entrusted to Miss Alice Haley who wishes to qualify herself (Art 68)
26 Jun 1899         No school as Barnum & Bailey’s menagerie is in the town
14 Feb 1900         Heavy snow storm
27 Feb 1900         Read of the surrender of Cronje with his army into the hands of Lord Roberts
1 Mar 1900          News of the relief of Lady Smith by General Buller
16 Mar 1900        Will take part in an entertainment in aid of the building fund of the new schools on Queen’s Hill
2 Apr 1900          Holiday in honour of the departure of the Volunteers for Aldershot
25 May 1900       Holiday in honour of the relief of Mafeking
19 Jul 1900          School closes for the midsummer holidays.  It is probably our last day in the old school room where the parents & grandparents of our present children have been taught
27 Aug 1900        School resumes but in the new schools just completed on Queen’s Hill
7 Jan 1901           Weather intensely cold
8 Jan 1901           Snow storm
26 Jan 1901         Our beloved Sovereign died on Tuesday evening the 22nd
28 Jan 1901         American cloth could be put around the walls so the boys could draw in it, slate cloth has been used for the past 6 months
31 Jan 1901         Miss O’Neill leaves today to be married on Saturday 2nd February
4 Feb 1901           Miss J O’Shea takes the place of Miss O’Neill
15 Apr 1901        Miss O’Shea leaves as she feels unsuited to teaching such young children.  She is replaced by Miss Annie Murphy (68)
7 May 1901         Parliamentary election.  Dangerous for children to go home at the usual time, dismissed early
14 Jun 1901         Received a very pretty cuckoo clock.  Mr Brickly, father of one of the babies, gave a canary
13 Sep 1901         The children have bought a nice cage for the canary.  2 new candidates have entered  - Kate Grace & Emily Jennings
27 Sep 1901         Miss A Murphy ceases to teach in this school, replaced by Mrs Gould (nee MG O’Neill)
8 Nov 1901          Mrs Gould leaves as her husband has returned from sea
15 Nov 1901        Class 2 in charge of Kathleen Kennedy (2nd year pupil teacher)
24 Jan 1902         The usual tea party given
18 Apr 1902        Mrs Lewis leaves at the end of the month & is replaced by Sister M Benedicta
2 Apr 1902          Mrs Lewis (nee Gertrude Nihan) left on Wednesday to accompany her husband whose works means that he has to live in Pontypool
30 Jun 1902         Heard that the Coronation is postponed due to the illness of the King
11 Jul 1902          Informed that Kate Grace has passed the examination for candidates
26 Jan 1903         2 teachers, who are awaiting the result of the Cambridge Senior Exam, Miss Lonergan has Class 2 & Miss McCormac has Class 3
6 Feb 1903           Change of teacher – A Armstrong being found unsuitable
24 Feb 1903         Heard that the 2 new teachers have failed to pass the Cambridge Seniors exam
15 Jan 1904         Half holiday , town treat for poor children.  Miss McCormac has decided to enter a Normal School in Dublin
4 Mar 1904          Miss K Kennedy told that she has secured a 1st Class in the Scholarship Examination
15 Apr 1904        Log book supplied by Rev Nolan.  Supply of 5 dozen ball frames for teaching counting for Class 2
22 Apr 1904        Mrs Lewis (Class 3) absent through illness.  Annie Armstrong permitted to absent herself. A new large Aquarium the gift of Alderman Canning.  The goldfish &c transferred
29 Apr 1904        Kathleen Kennedy returned after 3 months absence, she was temporary transferred to Holy Cross Mixed Department.  Mrs Lewis returned today
6 May 1904         Rev Nolan visited
13 May 1904       Miss Callis – His Majesty’s Inspector visited
20 May 1904       Several cases of chicken pox & 1 of scarlet fever
30 Jun 1904         Chicken pox & 2 cases of scarlet fever
Jun 1904              A new song “The Dustman”
1 Jul 1904            Catholic schools come under public control of the Municipal Council
15 Jul 1904          Classes 1 & 2 well advanced with reading
26 Aug 1904        Staff consists of Head Teacher & 2 supplementary teachers.  Pupil Teachers attend Centre Tuesday to Friday
2 Sep 1904           Many little ones ill brought on by eating unripe apples.  One little boy died very suddenly from the same cause
16 Sep 1904         Visit from manager Father Bailey.  He was wheeled into the hall in his bath chair
23 Sep 1904.        Weather fine, afternoon excursion to the Lighthouse arranged
30 Sep 1904         Saturday – took Class 1 to the Lighthouse by brake
18 Nov 1904        11am .  Revered Pastor died.  Very Rev Bailey
                              The Very Rev Hickey has been appointed corresponding manager of this school
16 Dec 1904        2 teachers Armstrong (pupil teacher) &Miss Lonergan (Art 68) absent attending the school exam.  Mistress of Holy Cross Mixed sent Miss M Hayes to help

22 Dec 1904        Mr & Mrs Holliday called
9 Jan 1905           School re-opened
20 Jan 1905         Heavy snow storm
31 Jan 1905         Head Mistress Sister Winefride (Certificated), supplementary teachers Miss Lewis, Miss Lonergan, pupil teacher (3rd year) Annie Armstrong, pupil teacher (3rd year) Kate Grace
3 Feb 1905           Average attendance 132
10 Mar 1905        2 cases of measles.  Weather wet & stormy
17 Mar 1905        Feast of St Patrick
24 Mar 1905        Large number of cases of measles
22 Jun 1905         Field sports for school boys
28 Aug 1905        Miss Lonergan has resigned
15 Sep 1905         Stormy weather.  Girls in Class 1 learning knitting
22 Sep 1905         An open fireplace has been built in the Class 3 room.  Miss Power (uncertificated) replaces Miss Lonergan
24 Nov 1905        Weather cold & wet.  One case of whooping cough
5 Feb 1906           School used as polling station for votes on street betting
28 Feb 1906         2 pairs of boots received from the Children’s Committee for the poor
9 Mar 1906          3 cases of whooping cough.  Small bundle of old clothes sent by Committee for the poor
6 Apr 1906          Several cases of chicken pox together with colds & whooping cough
4 May 1904         Many cases of mumps
29 Jun 1906         Many little ones absent through colds & mumps
31 Aug 1906        Miss K Grace leaves to enter St? Charles Training College, London
28 Sep 1906         Circumstances prevent Miss K Grace continuing her College training.  Supply of dolls & other toys for the babies
7 Dec 1906          Many cases of chicken pox & 2 cases of scarlet fever
12 Apr 1907        Pupils = 194 on the books
7 Jun 1907           Holiday for the visit of HRH the Prince of Wales to Newport
12 Jul 1907          K Barry appointed at pupil teacher
18 Oct 1907         New heating system tested
22 May 1907       Half  holiday – Empire Day
6 Jan 1908           Several cases of whooping cough
21 Feb 1908         Tickets for free meals to children whose parents ate unable to provide for them
5 Jun 1908           Several cases of scarlet fever
5 Jun 1908           Thieves had broken in, every cupboard was ransacked.  Nothing stolen but the thief missed 7/6d.  In the Mixed Department about 70/- was taken
11 Jan 1909         Sister M Bernard absent through illness
15 Jan 1909         Sister Bernard (M Power) returned
5 Feb 1909           Mary Winefride Simpson, a child in Class 2 was taken by her mother who had become insane, to the river in Bassaleg where she drowned herself & her little girl.  Both bodies were recovered some days later near the Alexandra Dock
3 Mar 1909          Very heavy snow storm.  Only 20 children attended school
12 Mar 1909        Mrs Lewis absent through illness
17 Mar 1909        Miss Grace absent through illness
7 Jun 1909           Many cases of measles
30 Aug 1909        Local Authority decision – no child under 5 years to be admitted.  This is hardship where the mother is in part, the wage earner, school was where the little ones were safe & happy
15 Nov 1909        Very heavy snow storm
3 Dec 1909          Prize Day – Mrs Lyne, Messrs Alderman Greenland & Graham White distributed prizes.  Rained all day
23 Dec 1909        School closes for Christmas holiday – children given toys, oranges & sweets

STAFF 1909        Sister M Winefride (E KING), Head teacher;  Assistants – Miss K Grace (Certificated), Miss M Power (Uncertificated),  Miss A Armstrong (Uncertificated), Mrs G Lewis (Supplementary)

19 Mar 1910        12 children gave a dance at the Central Hall
8 Apr 1910          Visit from Rev Zimmerman, Prior of the Carmelite Priory, Wincanton
2 May 1910         Aquarium renovated.  The canary that the school had had for 9 years died. Its eye had become infected & the bird was blind & could not find its food.  The caretaker administered chloroform & put it out of its misery.  The children greatly distressed.
13 May 1910       School closes for Whitsun
23 May 1910       On the 7th inst  at 12.15am His Majesty King Edward VII died.  He was buried Friday 20th May
23 Nov 1910        Very wet
22 Dec 1910        Children received Christmas gifts – one or two toys, a large packet of sweets & an orange
31 Jan 1911         Head Teacher attended the funeral of Sr M Agnes C…? Who was for a short tome an assistant in this school in 1873
22 Feb 1911         Serious outbreak of mumps & measles
3 Apr 1911          Miss Armstrong (uncertificated assistant) sent home ill
1 May 1911         Miss Armstrong returns to duties
24 May 1911       Empire Day
31 May 1911       Miss Armstrong – ill
13 Jun 1911         Miss Armstrong still away ill
20 Jun 1911         School closes for Coronation holidays – 21, 22 & 23 June
26 Jun 1911         On Wednesday afternoon the children assembled in the playground  & at exactly 4 o’clock the National Anthem was sung & 3 cheers given for His Majesty George V.  The children were given very nice china mugs
7 Jul 1911            Miss Armstrong still absent through illness
14 Jul 1911          Holiday yesterday for the investiture of the Prince of Wales at Carnarvon Castle
25 Jul 1911          L Sullivan has been appointed as pupil teacher

28 Aug 1911        Staff:  Miss Grace – Class 1;  Sr M Bernard – Class 2;  Mrs Lewis – Class 3;  Miss Armstrong – Class 4
18 Jan 1912         Heavy snow storm in the night
6 Feb 1912           A snow storm in the night
19 Feb 1912         Veronica Snell, pupil teacher 2 will be full time at the Centre until after the preliminary exam
8 Nov 1912          Several cases of chicken pox, measles & scarlet fever.  Veronica Snell (pupil teacher) entered St Charles College, London for training
25 Nov 1912        Medical exam of children by Dr Burpitt.  One child excluded through delicacy
12 May 1913       Lilly Sullivan, 2 year pupil teacher told that she had passed the preliminary exam
1 Aug 1913          Miss Grace resigns & sails for Australia today
1 Sep 1913           Miss Hilditch is awaiting results oif the final exam
19 Dec 1913        School closes for Christmas – girls were given dolls, the boys suitable toys
5 Jan 1914           Head Teacher attends funeral of Sister Philomena Joseph O’Grady
14 Jul 1914          Half holiday for the visit of HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught to the town for the opening of the new dock
9 Oct 1914           Many amongst the children’s relatives are serving in the great & terrible war now going on between England & Germany.  Some old pupils in this school have been wounded and some killed.  R.I.P.
9 Oct 1914           School dentist examined 100 children, most need treatment
15 Oct 1914         Dr Burpitt examined the physically & mentally deficient
4 Dec 1914          Epidemic of mumps
11 Feb 1915         Large number of the canteen children whose parents are receiving separation allowance were struck off the list for the dinners
20 Jul 1915          Miss Francis (Class 1) absent with diphtheria
15 Sep 1915         Miss A Armstrong uncertified assistant resigns – her place taken by Miss J Payne
21 Dec 1915        Miss Francis leaves, transferred to Holy Cross
4 Feb 1916           Numbers in classes:-  Class 1 = 58;  Class 2 = 58;  Class 3 = 54;  Class 4 = 25
24 Feb 1916         Heavy snow storm
13 Mar 1916        Medical exam – one child excluded – impetigo
20 Mar 1916        Heavy snow storm & blizzard.  Alderman Greenland, a member of the Education Committee, died after a very short illness
2 Jun 1916           Mrs Lewis (nee Nihan)  supplementary teacher in this school since her apprenticeship as a pupil teacher 25 years ago, leaves & becomes Attendance Officer under Newport Committee.  She is replaced by Miss Looby
17 Jul 1916          Cases of measles, whooping cough & scarlet fever
9 Mar 1917          Heavy snow storm
17 Sep 1917         Catherine O’Neill appointed pupil teacher
16 Jan 1918         Very heavy snow storm
20 Jan 1918         Another snow storm
14 Jul 1918          L Nelson, pupil teacher ill
25 Jul 1918          Miss H Crispie appointed
27 Aug 1918        Classes:-  Class 1, Miss Payne = 46;  Class 2, Sister M Gerard = 48;  Class 3, Miss Looby = 41;  Class 4, Sister M Agnes = 35
12 Nov 1918        Half holiday for proclamation of the Armistice with Germany (appealed for through the defeat of the Central Powers)
5 Feb 1919           Snow & sleet
20 Feb 1919         Miss Looby ill with mumps
17 Mar 1919        Sister M Bernard (Mary Power) assistant in this school for 11 years died on the 14th & was buried today
26 Sep 1919         Catherine O’Neill, pupil teacher, enters St Charles College, Kensington
6 Jan 1920           Weather cold & frosty
9 Feb 1920           Miss Crispie transferred to St Joseph’s, replaced by Mrs Knapman, supply
16 Feb 1920         Mrs Keyes, supply, starts today
1 Jul 1920            Very heavy rain
24 Aug 1920        Miss Snell, certified assistant takes Class 1
7 Oct 1920           Miss Payne has had surgery
7 Jun 1921           Visit of HRH The Prince of Wales to Newport
28 Feb 1922         Wedding of HRH Princess May. 
3 Apr 1922          Heavy snow storm
6 Nov 1922          Very heavy rain
19 Jan 1923         Measles, whooping cough & influenza prevalent
26 Apr 1923        Wedding of HRH the Duke of York – half holiday
11 Jan 1924         Heavy snow storm
21 Jul 1924          Children taken for a char-a-banc ride from 2.45 to 3.45
2 Oct 1924           Football match – New Zealand & Newport
6 Mar 1925          Measles epidemic
20 Jul 1925          Children taken for a char-a-banc ride 2.30 to 3.55.  Route Caerleon, Llantarnam. Malpas
24 Aug 1925        Miss R Gorden starts as student teacher
30 Sep 1925         Miss R Gorden resigns
15 Oct 1926         Torrential rain
21 Oct 1926         Football match – Maoris v Welsh rugby
4 Feb 1927           Heavy snow storm
25 Apr 1927        Miss Montgomery, certified assistant, starts today
28 Jul 1927          Miss Payne granted 6 months absence, she & her sister are going to California
22 Sep 1927         Rugby match – New South Wales and Newport
16 Dec 1927        Snow storm
1 Mar 1928          Miss Payne returned to school
28 Aug 1928        Opening of Tredegar Park recreation Ground
5 Oct 1928           Serious outbreak of measles
23 Nov 1928        Torrential rain
11 Jan 1929         Miss Snell absent, her father died and is being buried today
14 Feb 1929         Heavy snow storm
26 Aug 1929        Miss Gertrude Inns here for 2 week’s teaching practice
23 May 1930       Empire Day tomorrow
26 Jun 1930         Annual Sports
23 Jan 1931         Torrential rain
29 Apr 1931        Miss Payne absent, her father died & is being buried today
29 Sep 1931         Miss Payne absent, her mother died last night
2 Oct 1931           Miss Payne absent, her mother is being buried today
8 Oct 1931           Half holiday – football match between South Africa & Newport
8 Jan 1932           Serious outbreak of whooping cough
27 Sep 1932         Furnace lit – weather very cold
13 Oct 1932         “Newport Shopping Festival”
24 Mar 1933        Measles & mumps prevalent
19 Jan 1934         100% attendance in the Baby Room.  Sweets distributed
8 Oct 1934           Milk supply scheme starts today
29 Nov 1934        Duke of Kent’s wedding say
6 May 1935         Their Majesties Silver Jubilee day.  Children given boxes of chocolates
7 Jun 1935           Miss Montgomery retires today.  She is being married tomorrow in St Mary’s Church at 10.30
14 Oct 1935         Miss Snell seriously ill
15 Oct 1935         Mrs Helen Wakeford (nee Montgomery) here on supply
6 Nov 1935          Duke of Gloucester’s wedding day
27 Jan 1936         The King died on the 20th & will be buried 28th
4 Jan 1937           Miss Elizabeth Byrne leaves having reached the age limit
22 Jan 1937         Fire drill
12 May 1937       Coronation of their Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth
28 Sep 1938         ARP course
28 Mar 1939        Fire drill
1 Sep 1939           School evacuated for the military.  Furniture & stock transferred to Holy Cross & St John’s schools
15 Mar 1940        Fire drill
6 May 1940         ARP drill
11 Nov 1940        Centenary of St Mary’s Catholic Church
10 Jan 1941         Funeral of Miss Kenny, Mixed Department teacher
16 Nov 1942        School canteen opened
29 Mar 1944        The King & Queen & Princess Elizabeth visit the town
18 Dec 1944        Miss Snell absent – illness.  Death & burial of her mother
8 & 9 May 1945  Victory holiday
25 Sep 1945         Presentation of Honorary Freedom of the Borough to Field Marshal Montgomery
2 Oct 1945           Mrs Windsor absent – husband on leave
26 Nov 1945        Mrs Windsor absent – baby ill

Many thanks to Dave Woolven for his time and skill transcribing many of the schools' records.