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Newport's first dispensary opened in 1839, by 1867 there was an Infirmary and 1901 saw the opening of a Hospital.

Hygiene was a concern, though progress was slow in improving known problems: the streets were dirty, drinking water contaminated and people lived in overcrowded accommodation.

Rabies regularly made the news as did sensational reports such as the earwigs and religious mania stories.

1800 - 1900
'Corn Cure' by G E C Rawlins

1829 Amputation (Thomas Dobbs asked a workmate to chop off a toe which was bothering him.)

1830 A Moderate Charge (Wife of deceased husband asked surgeon for £6 in return for 'opening' corpse.)

1831 Newport Hydrophobia (Two surgeons 'experimented' on blacksmith dying of hydrophobia/rabies.)

1838 Letter to the Editor (The dreadful state of St. Woolos Churchyard.)

1839 Newport Dispensary (First dispensary opened in Llanarth Street.)

1840 An Extraordinary Fact (Twenty five earwigs came from the head of a young female from Henllys.)

1844 Rabid Dogs (Infallible cure for rabies/hydrophobia.)

1844 Manhood - Advertisement (Plain directions for the restoration of perfect health.)

1846 A New Water Works (The water supply in Baneswell pumps suspected of being contaminated by drainage from St Woolos cemetery.)

1850 The Clark Report - digitised images of the whole original report. This is on the LIBRARIES & INFORMATION ONLINE in NEWPORT website - will open in a new window, close it to return here.

1853 Town Council Meeting (Dreadful stench in Cross Street.)

1853 Letter to the Editor (Call for closure of overcrowded burial grounds - fear of cholera.)

1854 Rat Catching (The success of "Bounce the Rat-Catcher".)

1859 Alleged Surgical Neglect (Surgeons would not call without a 'note'. Patient died.)

1860 What a Penny Can Do (A hint for the Newport Dispensary.)

1861 Canine Nuisance (Unmuzzled dogs.)

1874 A Mad Dog

1880 Religious Mania (Whole family in the Henllys area strangely deranged.)

1883 Cure for Consumption

1890 Influenza Epidemic

1898 Suspicious Dog at Newport

1899 Doctor's Advice (The dangers of a dirty habit.)

1901 New Hospital Completed (Photograph of opening of Royal Gwent Hospital on 5th August.)