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Newport Houses - Malpas Court - Recent Photos

Coat of arms and date stone from Malpas Court, built for Thomas Prothero
The Coat of Arms and Date Stone. The date appears to be 1830-something,
with the '1' over the '8', but can you work out the right hand side?

Interesting decoration which seems to include a message
Contrasting rough rock faced Pennant sandstone walls and carved Bath stone

The hall - lit by a skylight
The Hall - "The hall at Malpas Court is a very fine apartment, oblong in shape, spacious, and on the whole well arranged, though the projecting gallery, of necessity, shuts out some of the light. It extends the full height of the building and is lit from a skylight at the top. The beauty of the hall, as seen from the entrance, is enhanced by three Tudor arches at its inner end, and beneath the right hand arch the broad and very prettily designed staircase ascends in three flights to the gallery, from which access is obtained to the upper floor." South Wales Daily News March 23rd 1912


The gallery above the hall
The gallery lit by the skylight

The rooms have been tastefully renovated and decorated to provide functional space.

North Lodge, Malpas Court
Above and below: North Lodge
North Lodge, Malpas Court

South Lodge, Malpas Court
South Lodge - This does not seem to have been built with the same stone as Malpas Court and the North Lodge. It is thought that the quarry in Breconshire that provided the Pennant sandstone was worked out shortly after they were completed. The South Lodge and drive were added later.
Below South Lodge around 1966 - before it was extended.
South Lodge Malpas Court 1966