Newport Carnival & Fete
In Aid Of The Royal Gwent Hospital 1937

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Pathe News Description:
Carnival procession moving slowly through the heavily decorated, crowded streets of Newport. This is Royal Gwent Charity Fete. Brass band, people in fancy dress, floats with pretty girls (Miss Newport is there) children in fancy dress, snake charmers, Indians etc. Crowds cheering.

High jinks in the streets of Newport we find
In aid of the Royal Gwent Charity
With nice girls and naughty
Like Miss Nineteen-Forty
The high spot of fun and hilarity
And then there’s the Queen Of The Seasons – Miss Joyce
And trumpets and streamers and banners
And cars all gone gay in most varied array
And charmers of snakes bobs and tanners
The children are having the time of their lives
The crowd plays up well with loud cheering
They know that the Gwent is worth every cent
And to drop the muse for a moment
It looks as if this year’s takings will establish a record

As other years many spectators crowding every vantage point. Mostly filmed outside the Westgate Hotel, Commercial Street.


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