"Notes on the Ancient Domestic residences of Pentre-Bach, Crick, Ty-Mawr, The Garn, Crindau and St. Julian's" by Octavius Morgan and Thomas Wakeman
Printed for the Monmouthshire and Caerleon Antiquarian Association, by Henry Mullock, Newport, 1860
Illustration by Mr. Barlow.

The mansion of St. Julian's, is one of great interest, from its association with its former celebrated possessor, Lord Herbert of Cherbury - very little of it, however, now remains.

Coxe, in his tour of Monmouthshire, gives two engravings, which represent it as being then in a state of partial ruin; and the subsequent repairs and alterations which it has undergone, have left very little except a portion of the porch in its original state. In a panel over the archway of the porch, is a shield bearing the Herbert arms, and from the general appearance of the architecture, it was probably erected by Sir George Herbert, or his son Sir Walter, about the middle of the sixteenth century. A drawing of what remains of the porch, together with sections of the mouldings, is shown in Plate IX. The house, according to what Coxe mentions as existing in his time, must have been one of some importance.

Octavius Morgan, 1860