R. Arthur & Son, Engineers, Smiths, Boilermakers, &c., Newcastle Engine Works, Coomassie Street, Newport (Mon.). 1893

R. Arthur & Son, Engineers, Smiths, Boilermakers, &c., Newcastle Engine Works, Coomassie Street, Newport (Mon.).

Source: "The Ports Of The Bristol Channel", 1893

R. Arthur & Son, Engineers, Smiths, Boilermakers, &c., Newcastle Engine Works, Coomassie Street, Newport (Mon.). - The Newcastle Engine Works, which are the property of Messrs. R. Arthur & Son, would afford a genuine pleasure to any engineering expert visiting them, in the spectacle which they present of an establishment admirably adapted in its arrangements to the purposes which it is intended to serve, and supplied, in an exceptionally complete manner, with all the requisite mechanical tools. This excellently conducted business was established many years ago on the Old Dock. Some seven years ago Mr. R. Arthur, the proprietor, found that, as a consequence of the technical skill, the wide experience, and the unwearied industry which he had expended in creating a valuable connection, the demands upon his producing resources had grown to such an extent that it was necessary to acquire more extended premises. Mr. Arthur, therefore, proceeded to erect the commodious works which he now occupied, and which were specially designed for the requirements of his business. Shortly afterwards he admitted into partnership his son, who had previously qualified himself for the position by a thorough theoretical and practical training as a mechanical engineer, and whose assistance is now of the greatest value in the conduct of the works. The new premises are most conveniently situated near the Alexandra Dock office. They represent, in every way, the best modern ideas in style and construction, including a main block of buildings, with two wings and large yards. In the main building is a suite of well-appointed general and private offices, furnished with all the requisites for the prompt dispatch of the firm’s necessarily extensive commercial business. Adjacent is a lofty fitting-shop, with various mechanical appliances. The appliances include a powerful crane, planing machine, several modern lathes, slotting and drilling machines, &c. In close proximity is the smiths’ shop, containing several hearths and a steam-hammer At the rear is a spacious moulding-shop, and a store-room for castings. The yards contain rolls for rolling plates, with furnaces and boiler sheds. All the working plant and labour-saving machinery are of the most approved modern type. An ample experience has been utilised, and a considerable amount of capital has been judiciously invested in providing mechanical tools which enable the firm to effect material economies in time and labour, and so to quote notably moderate prices for their productions. This accounts for much of the marked success which has recently attended their enterprise. Messrs. R. Arthur & Son manufacture boilers of all types for stationary and marine engines, and also every description of wheels, pulleys, blocks, pumps, shafting, axles, and castings to any design. They also execute, promptly and carefully, repairs to ships’ engines and boilers, stationary engines, locomotives, and machines of all kinds. As iron and brass founders, coppersmiths, &c., they produce castings to order with the utmost accuracy, working to designs, drawings, or specifications.

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