"The Story of Enenezer Church, Newport, Mon"
by Abraham Morris, 1916
Illustration by
W. G. Habershon and Pite, architects

Built for methodists to worship in English (rather than Welsh as in Ebenezer Church).
Opened on the 19th October 1864, the foundation stone being laid just 6 months before on the 21st of April. The following document was placed in a cavity:

"We, the undersigned, John Davies, minister, Philip John, deacon, Henry Griffiths, Luke Roberts, Joseph Rees, David Lloyd, Joseph Thomas, S. B. Campbell, William Heron, and Morgan Jones, being members of the Presbyterian Church now worshipping in Victoria Buildings, Newport, Mon., in founding a new place of worship, record the following statement :- A few Of the Welsh Presbyterians or Calvinistic Methodists, worshipping at Ebenezer Chapel in this town, seeing the children of the church and the majority of the, young rising up ignorant of the language of their parents; and also finding that very many of their fellow men around them were not attending any place of worship, nor their children going to Sabbath Schools; and likewise believing that there were Presbyterians from Scotland and Ireland residing, and likely to reside in the town, who would be desirous of enjoying the privileges of a church assimilating as near as possible to that Presbyterian Church government and worship which had been familiar and dear to them in the land of their nativity; after due consideration, thought it their duty to rent the Victoria Buildings, as being in a convenient locality, so as to provide them with the means of grace which were opened on the 26th day of July, 1863. The Rev. John Davis, then of Bishop Auckland, Durham, came as a supply for five Sabbaths. At the close of this period he received an unanimous call from the Church then formed to become their pastor, and commenced his pastorate of the church on December 20th, 1863. Such has been the success attending the movement, that the church, which was then organised with twelve members, has by this time increased to above forty, that the Committee have now felt encouraged to engage in the erection of a new church. A site having been obtained, and designs furnished by Messrs. W. G. Habershon and Pite, architects, &c., of London and Newport, a contract has been made with Mr. L. B. Moore, builder, of Newport, for the erection of the building for the sum of £1,170 under the superintendence of Mr. J. Follett Fawckner, the architects' representative. The foundation-stone is laid this 21st day of April, 1864, by William Williams Morgan, Esq., M.D., Mayor of Newport, in the presence of the Committee and of the Welsh and English Presbyterian Ministers whose names are hereto subscribed, other members of the church, and public generally, with humble and fervent prayers hope that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ will prosper the erection of the building, and when opened for Divine worship, will fill it with His heavenly presence."