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The Capitol Cinema

The Capitol has seen its last show, now soon to be demolished. Next door is the central fire station. (Photo from a pivate collection.)

Newport Count Borough Fire Engine 1937

(Text and Image from Newport Encyclopaedia 1937) NEWPORT FIRE BRIGADE By the Secretary C. HALLETT. Up to the year 1884, the duties appertaining to the extinguishing of fires were carried out by the Police of the town. In that year, however, th...

The Old Town Hall Police Station.

The building was enlarged in 1885. The original station was completed in 1842. 'X' indicates the entrance to the Fire Station. (Image and text from "Through Seven Reigns - A History Of Newport Police Force 1836 - 1959")

The Fire Station Dock Street

Photo from "The Newport Pictorial 1906".

Fire Station Dock Street

Froma a private collection.

Fire Station Dock Street

From a private collection

The Capitol Cinema and Fire Station Dock Street 1969

Photo taken 20th September 1969.