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Steam Tug John Lawrence

Newport Harbour Commissioners Steam Tug "John Lawrence". Official No. 98880. Length 78ft 9ins Beam 15 ft 4½ins Moulded depth 9ft 5ins Tonnage Gross 63.6 Nett 12.94 HP 200 Built by Mordey Carney and Co. Newport and delivered 14th June 1894. Cost £27...

Cashmore's Wharf, River Usk, Newport

From a private collection.

Cashmore's Wharf, River Usk, Newport

From a private collection.

Mr Ernest Cashmore - Chairman Newport Harbour Commissioners

South Wales Argus photo, 1949.

Empress Of France at Cashmores Newport

Passenger liner Empress Of France. Built 1928, 20448 gross tons. Pictured at Cashmores 20 December 1960. Formerly Duchess of Bedford. Scrapped Cashmore's Newport December 1960. South Wales Argus photo.

Reina Del Pacifico at Cashmores 16 July 1958

Passenger / Cargo ship. Built 1931, 17872 gross tons. Scrapped at Cashmore's Newport May 1958. From a private collection.

Iriona and Empress Of France near Cashmore's Wharves Newport 23 December 1960

Iriona 1906 tons (left) and Empress Of France 20400 tons near Cashmore's Wharves 23 December 1960. South Wales Argus photo.

HMS Collingwood

Battleship. 19250 tons 21.5 knots. Real Photo Post Card 657. Scrapped at Cashmore's Newport in 1923.

HMS Agamemnon

Battleship. Launched 1906 16500 tons IHP16750. Scrapped at Cashmore's Newport 1927. Bas-Relief Photo-Card. Scopes & Co Ltd 115 Newgate Street, London, EC. Pat. No. 4523-08.

HMS Terrible

Cruiser. Built 1898. Scrapped at Cashmore's Newport 1932. Latterly Fiscard III training ship. Living letters on the side in men. Posted 5 July 1903. The Wrench Series. No. 2352. Photo West.