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The Harlequin Roundabout Pre Flyover - Early 1980s

From a private collection

Work in Progress - Old Green Crossing Interchange 1970s

From a private collection.

Work In Progress On The Old Green Crossing Interchange

From a private collection.

Mill Street Railway Station Signal Box

Construction of Newport Bypass - Kingsway - 1934

South Wales Argus, March 24th 1934. "The gradient leading up to the junction of High Street, Dock Street and Shaftesbury Street.

The Castle Hotel and Old Green Crossing

This view appears to have been taken from the railway bridge. We are looking at the junction of Shaftesbury Street, High Street, Dock Street, Kingsway and Newport Bridge / Clarence Place.

The Winning Horse

91 Shaftesbury Street.

Aerial Photo - Mid 1920s

The temporary road bridge is in place which dates the picture to the mid 1920s. Castle grounds are in use. Good view of the top of Shaftesbury Street.

Railway Bridge Over Shaftesbury Street / Malpas Road

We are looking towards Malpas. On the right is Edwin Street, and the bottom of Barrack Hill can be seen the on the left beyond the bridge. Note the tram lines for the Stow Hill - Malpas route.

Shaftesbury Street

Before work commenced on the Old Green Interchange. In the distance The Rising Sun Hotel. The pub on the left is the Winning Horse.