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Newport River Usk and Transporter Bridge - About 1907

Postcard - maker unknown. Postmarked 1913. Very detailed view. Notice the hospital just to the left of centre. The road were are looking straight down, among the regimented rows of houses in Pill, is Pottery Terrace. The houses being constru...

View of Newport from the Transporter

Postcard - (Huxtable Brothers?)

Transporter Newport September 1906

Postcard - Huxtable Brothers. Postmarked May 1908. If the paddle steamer doesn't look quite right that's because it isn't! It has been superimposed - trick photography is not a new idea. See also the external link below (opens in a new window) to ...

Commercial Road Showing the Transporter Newport

Postcard - MJR-B 7982.

Aerial View Alexandra Docks Great Western Railway

Postcard - The Autotype Co Ltd.

Electric Haulage Motor - Newport Transporter Bridge

One of the two 35 horse-power electric motors which pull the platform to and fro across the river. The motors are controlled from the bridge of the gondola and can also be controlled from the motor house. The electric supply can be taken from either ...

Newport Showing The Transporter Bridge & River Usk

Postcard view postmarked 1905. By August 1905 the bridge was nearing completion. However the bridge in this picture has clearly been drawn in. Notice the back of the hospital right foreground.

Newport Transporter Bridge

Postcard view, postmarked August 1907.

Wharfs on the River Usk and The Alexandra Docks

View from the transporter bridge

Aeroplane View of Newport

Original text: "The water space in the foreground of the picture is a portion of the Alexandra Dock, which has a total area of 125 acres. In the foreground and also on the left side of the Dock are the coal tips, which lift up to 70 feet from quay l...