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The Cenotaph

Postcard view

The Cenotaph

The Cenotaph

Frith's postcard.

Clarence Place and the Cenotaph

Postcard view.

War Memorial

Ernest T Bush postcard.

The War Memorial

Ernest T Bush postcard

The War Memorial

Ernest T bush postcard.

The Cenotaph from Chepstow Road Newport.

Postcard. Postmarked 1926. From the private collection of Anthony Halse.

Unveiling Ceremony, Newport Cenotaph, Clarence Place, 1923

A detailed postcard view of the unveiling of the War Memorial June 2nd 1923 by Lord Tredegar. In the excellent book 'The History of the Borough of Newport' by Haydn Davis he says: "The foundation stone of the Cenotaph was laid in Clarence Place, a...

Unveiling Of The Cenotaph Newport

Detailed view from a contemporary postcard.