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A Typical Coal Hoist At Newport Docks

(Photo from Johns's Newport Directory 1928)

Officers Of The Monmouthshire Constabulary Present At The Opening Of The Alexandra Docks, April 13, 1875

(Police in) back row: PC Price, PC Wilmot, PC James, PC Hawkins, PC Matthews, PC Craig, PC Capper, PC Boyt, PC Craig, PC O'Donnell, PC Hughes, PC Adams, PC Gardner, PC Rowen, PC Burns (Police in) front row: Supt. McIntosh, PS Basham, PC Hoare, PC ...

Aerial Photo George Street Bridge Late 1990s

(From a private collection.)

Alexandra Dock, Newport Mon

Postcard - MJR-B 6279.

Alexandra Dock Newport

Postcard - RHJ.

Alexandra Docks Newport

Postcard - maker unknown. Postmarked 1907. The area of logs floating in the water was known as the Timber Float.

Aerial View Alexandra Docks Great Western Railway

Postcard - The Autotype Co Ltd.

Alexandra Dock, Newport

Universal Series Postcard 165 Nr. 8. Edward VII stamp, postmarked 190?

Alexandra Dock, Newport

Posted in Newport, 1904, to Rotterdam.

Alexandra Docks, Newport (Mon)

Postcard view, postmarked December 1904.