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View Of The Alexandra Docks From The Transporter Bridge

Bird's eye view, taken from the Transporter Bridge, of a portion of the Alexandra Docks showing, in front, the company's Ferro-Concrete River Wharf. (Photo from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

The Alexandra Dock Hotel After Being Struck By A Bomb In 1940

(Text and Photo from "Through Seven Reigns, A History Of The Newport Police Force 1836 - 1959.") THE SECOND WORLD WAR, 1939 - 1945 August, 1939, saw the police force energetically preparing to meet the threat of the second world war, which brok...

Transporter Bridge Newport

Postcard - Harvey Barton & Son Ltd, Bristol No. 4. Postmarked 1915.

Transporter Bridge Newport Mon

Postcard - Valentine & Sons Ltd Phototype G 2026.

Newport Transporter

Postcard - maker unknown.

Transporter Newport Mon View of Car from Top

Postcard - Philco Series 4055.

The Transporter Bridge Newport

Postcard - Ernest T Bush The Royal Photographic Company 2884.

Transporter Newport Mon

Postcard - Philco Series 4006.

Transporter Bridge Newport Mon

Postcard - Williams & Curnuck Sunlight Series (WWC). Postmark 1906.

The Car, Transporter Bridge, Newport Mon

Postcard - This Is A Real Photograph 3.