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Saint Woolos Church

(Photo from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

St. Woolos Elementary Schools, Stow Hill

Elementary education is carried out in 19 well-equipped schools; handicrafts, domestic, and other special training being catered for at various centres under competent instructors. (Photo and text from Johns's Newport Directory 1928)

Looking From Gold Tops Towards St. Woolos - Before 1890

(From a private collection.)

Stow Hill Newport Mon

Postcard - MJR-B 7963.

St Woolos Church Newport

Postcard - The Wrench Series 6028.

Stow Church Newport Mon

Postcard - maker unknown.

St Woollas Church Newport Mon

Postcard - Boots Cash Chemists Real Photograph Series. Postmarked 1908.

St Woollo's Church

Postcard - Raphael Tuck & Sons Plate Marked Sepia 2494. Postmarked 1916.

St Woolos Church Newport Mon

Postcard - Valentine's G 2020.

St Woolos Church Newport

Postcard - maker unknown 8094. Postmarked 1904.