Mrs. Hannah Ellen Barrett

Photo reference number: 1380

(Photo and text from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

Barrett, Mrs. Hannah Ellen has for many years taken a prominent part in public work in Newport. She was first elected as a representative of the Crindau Ward on the Board of Guardians in 1908, and has held the seat at every election by increasing and record majorities. She serves on all the committees open to women. For ten years she has served as a member of the Newport Corporation Maternity and Child Welfare Committee, and is one of the leading voluntary workers at the Crindau School for Mothers. She is one of the representatives of the Welsh Commissioners on the Insurance Committee, has been chairman of the Sanatorium Benefit Sub-committee, and has also served on the Finance Sub-committee. A member of the Juvenile Employment Advisory Committee in connection with the Labour Exchange, she takes a keen interest in child welfare, which she has made a close study, and persons suffering from tuberculosis have received her special care and attention. She is hon. local secretary of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society, and is a member of the Women's Citizens' Association. During the war she was the most successful organiser of flag days, raising 1,000 in one year for charitable objects. She was in charge as a voluntary worker of Y.M.C.A. and munition works canteens, and was a member of the Prince of Wales' Fund Committee. Born at Watchet, Somerset, Mrs. Barrett spent her early life in Devonshire, and is the only surviving child of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Chapple, of Tiverton. She has resided in Newport 23 years, and is well known and deservedly popular for her good work on behalf of all worthy objects. Residence: Collipriest, 65 Corporation road.