Newport Photographers - Villiers

Photo reference number: 1496

We have done some research into the photographers Villiers.

The first mention we can find of George Villiers is in the 1851 Census. George, born 1826 in Edinburgh, was living in Norwich with his wife, Adelaide and two young sons George and Alexander. George's occupation was a scene painter and his wife was an actress.
By 1861 the family had moved to Newport and with the addition of three more children - sons Andrew and Llewellyn and daughter Adelaide. George was now an "artist and photographer" and working with his wife's brother, James Andrews.
Some time in the next ten years James Andrews moved to Swansea where he set up his own business as a photographer. We can't find sons Alexander and Llewellyn in later censuses.
By 1871 George (the father) seems to have changed his name to P.A.F. Villiers (Peter Abercrombie Fyfe) and was living and running his photography business in 8 Commercial Street with his wife and daughter. His sons George and Andrew had moved to Tenby and Bristol where they operated as artist photographers.
Some time in the 1890s Peter A.F. Villiers moved to Llandrindod Wells and by 1901 was running a boarding house - Park House - as well as a photography business.

The business was called Villiers and Sons - no mention of wife and daughter, both named Adelaide, who were both artist photographers.

Addresses in Newport where the business operated:
59 High Street - Villiers & Andrews - 1859
Commercial Street - George Villiers - 1865
Great Dock Street - Villiers & Sons - 1868
8 Commercial Street - Villiers & Sons - 1871
45 Dock Street - Villiers & Sons; 8 Commercial Street - P.A.F. Villiers - 1876
8 Commercial Street - P.A.F. Villiers 1881
37 Bridge Street - P.A.F. Villiers 1891, Villiers & Sons
21 Bridge Street - Villiers & Sons
19 Bridge Street - P.A.F. Villiers (Ye Aesthetic Studios)

There were studios in various addresses in Bristol and Tenby over the years and latterly at Llandrindod Wells.

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