STADTPLAN von NEWPORT (Zusammendruck)
Ausgabe Nr. 2.     Stand: 1940
Nur für den Dienstgebrauch!

German Wartime Town Plan Of Newport 1940
Special Edition
Issue No. 2.
For Official Use Only!

After data up to 30. XI. 1941 using existing documents

This is an original German map, based on British OS maps. It was produced in 1941 and probably intended for use by the German Air Force, though it could have been prepared to plan for invasion of Britain.

Principal sites are marked with a red or purple boundary and annotated with a symbol. Most are also numbered, with details given in the key. Bridges are marked in black - some of them quite minor ones, and the railway tunnel is shown with a dashed line. Red crosses mark the locations of the four hospitals - the Royal Gwent, the Isolation Hospital at Alteryn, the 'Mental Hospital' at Caerleon and the Nurses Hospital behind Cambria House, Caerleon.

This is a fascinating piece of recent history and we're sure you will enjoy zooming in to view sections of the map in detail... simply click on the part of the map (or key) you wish to examine.

For German war-time aerial views of Newport follow this link.

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