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Newport Ships and Shipping in the late Middle Ages
- A Chronology -

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1394 Visit of Richard II to Newport. William Hawker, master of the ship La Maudelyn given the right to impress mariners to crew his ship in Newport. CPR (1391-6) p.522. 6th September 1394

1397 John Banham, burgess of Newport-on-Usk, shipping wool through the Carmarthen staple. (ship not named)

1400 John Banham ditto.

1405 A longtrowe was hired for the carriage of timber and another longtrowe laden with burnt lime was bought at Bristol for work on the Great Tower of Newport Castle.

1440 The Swan had its home port at Newport CPR (1436-41) p.411

1447 Stone for use at Newport Castle was carted to Bristol and there sawn into pieces for transport by boat to Newport. Also sea coal was brought from Hanham just east of Bristol for burning lime for the castle. Eighteen boat-loads of 'stone called Lyas' were shipped from Penarth.

1461 The Trinity of Newport, master John 'Thloyd' taking cloth from Bristol to Ireland.

1468 Probable date for the Newport Ship arriving at Newport.

1480 The Christopher of Newport brought fish etc. from Ireland to Bristol Morris Hagharn master. Richard ap Meric, John Parkyns, Walter Lincoln, William Kemes, John ap Prine, John Develyn shippers.

1497 John Cabot and The Matthew sailed from Bristol on a voyage of discovery to North America, probably Newfoundland.

1522 Survey of the Estates of the Duke of Buckingham "Newport … haith a goodly haven commyng unto hit, well occupied with small Crayes whereunto a veray great shippe may resoorte and have good harbour."

1541 The Margaret de Newport brought fish to Bristol.

1550 The James of Newport mentioned in the will of Sir William Herbert He bequeathed her with "all manner of cabelle, anchors, ropes, tacklinge, guns, and ordynnce weapons" to his second son George.

1551 The Mary George de Newport brought wine to Bristol Le Ros de Newport shipped cloth from Bristol

1565 The Trinity de Newport 24 tons Philip Jayne, Master, sailed from Cork in Ireland to Bristol with a cargo of skins.

In a return of shipping compiled during the reign of Elizabeth I, Newport had the following vessels.

Green Dragon 100 tons, Richard Baker, Master
White Eagle 100 tons, William Peche, Master.
Griffand 40 tons, Warren Poor, Master
Lyon 40 tons, Thomas White, Master
Black Lyon 34 tons, John Cotton, Master
Steven 30 tons, Reinaldus Sherman, Master
Samuell 30 tons, John Smythe, Master
Mary Rose 26 tons, John Phillips, Master
plus a number of smaller ships.

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