St Marys Junior School
Log Book 1863 - 1945 Extracts

Girls School until 1900 when the school moved to the new site at Queens Hill. Mixed after 1900.

1 Jul 1863            Head Teacher Mary A Hassett – 3 Cl, 2 Div.  Pupil teachers Sarah J Brown 1st year to            May 1;  Eliz Driscoll.  1st year, May 1;  Mary Ann O’Leary, 1 Jun 1863;  JR Morell
11 Jan 1864         Attendance not good
27 Jan 1864         Many girls were found to have not said their morning prayers – sent into the church to say them
17 Jan 1865         Severe weather
19 Jun 1865         Head Mistress Mary A Hassett;  Pupil teachers Mary A O’Leary;  Ellen Cary;  Ellen Nolan
2 Oct 1865           Several girls absent, some gathering hops, some in the potato fields
10 Jan 1866         Pupil teacher Ellen Carey did not attend to her studies
5 Feb 1866           Pupil teacher Ellen Carey corrected for stubbornness & disobedience
23 Apr 1866        Jane Harvey as Mistress commences school duties
7 Jan 1867           Severe weather
3 Jun 1867           Mistress Margt Burton;  Pupil teachers Mary A O’Leary;  Margt Barrett; Honoria Crowe
 29 Oct 1867        Kate Barrett becomes a monitress
11 Nov 1867        Bitterly cold
4 Dec 1867          Annie Douglas leaves for the Infant School
6 Dec 1867          N Barrett leaves for Liverpool
2 Jan 1868           Snow
12 Jun 1868         Mistress Mary Corr;  Pupil teachers Ellen Nolan;  Johanna Power
10 Aug 1868        Elleanor Parry came from Infants School
27 Oct 1868         Bitterly cold, children crying out for fires
17 Nov 1868        Children desired to stay home because of the election
18 Nov 1868        Many children absent through fear of a street row
23 Nov 1868        Eleanor Parry the paid monitress ill
24 Nov 1868        Annie Hudson began teaching
25 Nov 1868        Polly Butler came to teach
5 Jan 1869           Annie Hudson with manager’s consent takes Ellen Nilan’s place
13 Jan 1869         Joanna Power takes care of 2 classes
22 Apr 1869        A woman complained about a monitress beating her child
25 Jun 1869         The Abbot gave medals to Mary Crowley,  Kate Beachley,  Ann Morrisey, Agnes Mills,
EJ McCarthy, MA …?,  Mary Carr
2 Sep 1869           A little girl who gave a good deal of unnecessary trouble sent away
9 Sep 1869           Number of pupils 207
3 Jan 1870           Eleanor Parry ill & absent
10 Jan 1870         Polly Butler ill & absent
26 Aug 1870        Kate Buckley left for Infants School
29 Aug 1870        Number of pupils 216
14 Sep 1870         Number of pupils 236
9 Jan 1871           Very cold with ice & snow
24 Jan 1871         Sewing machine presented to the school
24 Mar 1871        Pupil teachers are not to work more than 5 hours a day
6 May 1871         Measles & small pox
30 Jun 1871         A Hudson, pupil teacher, absent as her mother was ill
21 Sep 1871         Pill girls excited about going to the new school there on Monday next
26 Sep 1871         Girls excited about going to St Michael’s School in Pill
2 Oct 1871           Almost all the Pill girls have left
2 Nov 1871          Fires lit for the first time this year
3 Nov 1871          Circus in town, many girls absent
6 Nov 1871          Sewing in A Hudson’s class very unsatisfactory
11 Jan 1872         Sewing improved in A Hudson’s class
1 May 1872         Many absent due to a fair in the neighbourhood
30 Sep 1872         Kate Barrett determines to go to the training school at Christmas
18 Nov 1872        Father Cavalli decides to replace Kate Barrett as pupil teacher with Margt Lee
2 Dec 1872          Elizth Healy engaged as paid monitress
10 Jan 1873         Mistress absent – ill
16 May 1873       Many absent due to a circus in town
1 Aug 1873          Mary C Quinn in charge of the school
10 Oct 1873         Mistress absent, ill.  Care of school by Miss Ryan & Miss O’Callaghan
31 Oct 1873         Mistress still absent, Miss Bryan & Miss O’Callaghan in charge
5 Dec 1873          Miss Bryan absent, ill.  Miss O’Callaghan in charge of whole school
2 Jan 1874           Mary O’Callaghan in charge of the school.  Annie Hudson absent, her mother is ill
9 Jan 1874           Annie Hudson absent, her mother died on the 5th
30 Jan 1874         Attendance – 93
27 Feb 1874         (Friday).  Annie Hudson, pupil teacher, left to be married
6 Mar 1874          Parents to be fined 2/6 weekly for not sending their children to school
24 Apr 1874        Eleanor Parry, pupil teacher, absent with a sore finger
10 Jul 1874          Pupil teacher’s examinations.  M Crean, Candidate, failure;  E Butler, Candidate, not passed well enough to be admitted
21 Aug 1874        Kate Irvine went back to St Michael’s School. Pill, she is a pupil teacher
4 Sep 1874           Pollie Butler, pupil teacher, has gone back to the Infant School to finish her time there, Kate Carey, 2nd year, from the Infant School has charge of Class 2
20 Nov 1874        Fires lit for the first time this year
4 Dec 1874          Sore throats & sore eyes prevalent
12 Feb 1875         Attendance low due to illness & severe weather
5 Mar 1875          The Manager examined the registers & 26 children were marked present but were absent
6 Mar 1875          As a consequence Miss M O’Callahan was suspended as Mistress & replaced by Miss Mary Ann Brian
19 Mar 1875        Most of the pupils, being Irish, were given a holiday on St Patrick’s Day (Wednesday 17th)
25 Mar 1875        Attendance still affected by the strike by the colliers
9 Apr 1875          Kate Irvine absent, her mother is ill
16 Apr 1875        270 children attended a tea party on the opening of the new docks.  Children shown how to cut out dresses, pinafores, chemises &c
30 Apr 1875        Attendance poor due to the poverty of many men still without work
28 Aug 1875        The Manager ruled that each child to pay 2d per week except orphans who are admitted free
25 Oct 1875         Mistress – Miss M Ann Bryan;  pupil teachers – Kate Irvine, Elizth Haley, Ellen Carey;  E Haley – grammar, composition, history, geography  E Carey – repetition & geography
3 Jan 1876           Attendance only 78
21 Jan 1876         A child had her face accidentally burnt by the stove
5 May 1876         Children absent on Thursday due to the Cat & Dog show
18 Aug 1876        Margt Leigh, pupil teacher, transferred from the Infants School to the Girls School
6 Sep 1876           Lizzie Healy has resigned as pupil teacher.  Ellen Carey takes Class 3 & Margt Lee takes Class 4
27 Oct 1876         Two girls admitted from the Ragged School
1 Dec 1876          Scarlet fever prevalent
5 Jan 1877           Few children in school due to the wet weather
23 Feb 1877         Children who do not bring their school fees should be sent home for them
20 Mar 1877        Pupil teacher Catherine Irvine passed her examination well & is now qualified under Articles 60 & 79
23 Mar 1877        Many pupils absent due to poverty & sickness
1 Jun 1877           Margt Lee absent all week, her sister in Standard 6 supplied for her
1 Jan 1878           Kate Irvine ceases to be pupil teacher in this school
13 May 1878       1st Standard taught by Miss J Howard
21 Jun 1878         Standard 1 taught by the assistants Miss Joanne Howard & Miss Bridget Howard
10 Aug 1878        Margt Lee absent due to an accident.  Mary O’Brien to take Standard 1, Teresa Roe to take Standard 3
6 Aug 1878          Several girls locked out as the gate was closed at 9.30
6 Dec 1878          Children were excited at the promise of a treat at the Guild Hall
3 Jan 1879           Teresa Row absent all week through serious illness
20 Jun 1879         Miss A Woodman began duties as an assistant
9 Jan 1880           Miss Elizth King? & Miss …? Mullane started as assistant teachers
12 Mar 1880        Half holiday on the opening of the new station
26 Apr 1880        Mary O’Brien, pupil teacher, transferred to St Michael’s School, Pillgwenlly, Mary Ellen Napman took charge of Standard 3 as temporary monitress
28 May 1880       Teresa Roe, pupil teacher to take Standard 3, Mary Ellen Napman to take Standard 1
11 Jun 1880         Miss Annie Lynch started as assistant teacher
3 Dec 1880          Miss Hayes began her apprenticeship as assistant teacher
14 Jan 1881         Miss Annie Humphries started as assistant teacher
21 Feb 1881         Teresa Row, pupil teacher, transferred to St Mary’s Infant School & Elizabeth Brettell to this, Mary Lynes to teach Class 2
4 Mar 1881          Poor attendance due to sickness & poverty
8 Apr 1881          Manager sent Mary Ellen Napman, candidate, to St Mary’s Infant School & appointed Margt Donovan to take her place as temporary monitress
15 Apr 1881        Elizth Brettell, pupil teacher, ill with violent tooth ache
4 Nov 1881          Miss Mary Hayes & Miss Ellie Hayes began their apprenticeship as assistant teachers
3 Feb 1882           A Relieving Officer called to ask about Margt Fitzgerald
27 Oct 1882         Heavy rain & sleet
10 Nov 1882        Holiday in town for the opening of the New Street Free Library
1 Dec 1882          E Brettell, pupil teacher, absent with a sprained foot
23 Feb 1883         Elizth Brettell left to teach at St Michael’s Infant School
4 May 1883         Fannie Huddart, 1st year pupil teacher, appointed to supply
13 Jul 1883          Many absent due to the laying of the foundation stone for the new Town Hall
18 Jan 1884         Received a supply of new slates
1 May 1884         Mary Lynes, pupil teacher, transferred to St Michael’s Mixed School, Pillgwenlly.  Mary Hayes, assistant, to replace her
23 May 1884       Manager sent W Langley, Drill Master, to exercise the girls in the Manage Drill
20 Jun 1884         A grand circus kept many pupils away
3 Oct 1884           Gertrude Delaney absent – ill
6 Feb 1885           Mary Hayes, assistant, ceased teaching in this school
30 Oct 1885         Gertrude Delaney absent owing to her sister’s death
27 Aug 1886        Gertrude Delaney absent – ill
10 Sep 1886         Frances Huddart absent – her mother being ill
17 Sep 1886         Frances Huddart absent due to her mother’s death
26 Nov 1886        Great difficulty getting children over 13 to attend school, parents are unwilling to send them
10 Dec 1886        Storm blew off part of the porch roof
22 Apr 1887        C Summerill, pupil teacher in charge of Standard 1
13 May 1887       Gertrude Delaney absent – ill
8 Jul 1887            Frances Huddart went to Wandsworth Training College to sit Scholarship examination
17 Feb 1888         Heavy fall of snow
4 May 1888         Holiday for Procession of Trades in the town
2 Nov 1888          Miss Collins, teacher – Standard 1, absent with permission
14 Dec 1888        Miss Huddart, assistant, went to Swansea to sit for Certificate examination
4 Mar 1889          Very heavy snow fall
17 May 1889       Many absent due to a grand circus
24 Jan 1890         Influenza prevalent
17 Oct 1890         Agnes Saunders absent – ill
30 Jan 1891         Agnes Saunders still ill
13 Mar 1891        Agnes Saunders absent due to her mother’s illness
10 Apr 1891        Agnes Saunders returned to school but left again due to the serious illness of her mother
4 Sep 1891           Mary E Murphy, candidate, absent, ill
20 Nov 1891        B Cadogan & Maud Delany absent – ill
13 Apr 1892        Mary E Murphy absent – ill
11 Nov 1892        Mary E Murphy absent – ill
13 Jan 1893         M Delaney absent – ill
21 Apr 1893        Bernice Cadogan absent – ill
27 Oct 1893         B Cadogan & K Reycroft absent – ill
21 Mar 1894        Annual Gymnastic Competition at the Corporation Baths – girls of this school won the Challenge Shield
19 Dec 1894        Miss B Cadogan went to Cardiff for the practical music examination
5 Apr 1885          B Cadogan gained a place in the 2nd Division at the scholarship examination
17 Jul 1895          B Cadogan leaves to enter College
31 Jan 1896         Mary E Murphy absent – ill
27 Mar 1896        Miss Delaney obtained a 2nd Class with special credit in history in the Scholarship exam
1 Dec 1896          Frances Collins, 2nd year pupil teacher, has passed fairly
23 Jun 1897         Jubilee medals distributed in honour of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
10 Dec 1897        Pupil teachers exam – Frances Collins, 3rd year, passed fairly;  Elizabeth Knapman & Mary Ventom, 1st year both passed for 3 years apprenticeship
4 Feb 1898           Miss Delaney absent – ill
6 May 1898         Half holiday for the May Day Horse Parade
12 May 1899       Miss Murphy absent – ill
2 Jun 1899           All the children from the other side of the river have been sent to the new mixed Maindee School
30 Jul 1899          Holiday to allow children to see Barnum & Bailey’s great show
1 Sep 1899           Miss Murphy absent having met with an accident
15 Sep 1899         Miss Murphy resumes duties
5 Dec 1899          Elizth Knapman passed fairly with arithmetic, geography, music (practical skill) & elementary science
15 Dec 1899        Miss Collins went to Cardiff to sit the Scholarship exam
19 Jan 1900         Miss A Murphy resigns today
14 Feb 1900         Very heavy snow fall
30 Mar 1900        F Collins passed 3rd Class in the Scholarship exam
6 Apr 1900          Holiday to see the Volunteers going off to Aldershot
25 May 1900       General rejoicing in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s birthday & the relief of Mafeking. All the schools got a holiday
19 Jul 1900          This is the last day in the old school where during the past 50 years so many of the children’s parents have been educated


27 Aug 1900        Children assembled very early to see the interior of the magnificent new school.  292 pupils present. Standards 6 & 7 from St Joseph’s, Maindee & Standard 5 from Holy Cross were admitted
14 Sep 1900         The novelty of both sexes being mixed is beginning to wear away
23 Nov 1900        Miss Hansey resumed duties
25 Jan 1901         Received news of the death of our most gracious Queen Victoria to the great grief of the nation to whom she had endeared herself during her long & prosperous reign
22 Mar 1901        Miss Knapman obtained a place in the 2nd Class in the Scholarship exam.  Miss Collins absent due to the death of her mother
17 Apr 1902        Miss O’Sullivan absent – ill
25 Apr 1902        Miss Collins absent due to the death of her brother
6 Jun 1902           Great excitement at the Proclamation of Peace
27 Jun 1902         News of the King’s illness but the children still had their treat & were presented with a mug & medal
31 Jul 1902          Miss Cadogan absent with permission
6 Feb 1903           Mrs Hamilton absent – ill
15 May 1903       Half holiday for the May Day Show & Horse Parade
17 Jul 1903          School sports postponed owing to the arrival of Buffalo Bill in the town
11 Sep 1903         Standard 7 taught by Miss Maloney who was transferred from St Michael’s Infant School
30 Oct 1903         Mrs Hamilton absent.  Miss Maloney absent – ill
13 Nov 1903        Many boys absent due to the Caerleon Races
8 Jul 1904            These schools have come under the control of the Municipal Council according to the Education Act 1902
22 Jul 1904          The children made a little presentation to Miss Collins on the occasion of her leaving this school
28 Oct 1904         Miss Hansey absent due to the serious illness of her father
10 Feb 1905         Miss Davis absent – ill
10 Feb 1905         Staff;  Head Mistress Sister Perpetua (N Mullane);  assistant Sister Mary (A O’Sullivan); assistant Mrs B Hamilton;  assistant Miss Anna Housey;  assistant Miss Clare Williams; assistant Miss May Davies;  assistant (uncertificated) Miss Maud Delaney;  assistant (uncertificated) Miss Elizth Knapman
19 Apr 1905        Miss Davies ceases to teach in this school
8 Sep 1905           Number of pupils 389
22 Sep 1905         Miss McCormac absent – ill
12 Oct 1905         Miss McCorman still absent – she ceases to teach in this school today
18 Oct 1905         Miss Delaney unable to cope with Standard 7, transferred to Standard 2
20 Oct 1905         Miss Hulbert, assistant teacher from Durham Rd to supply temporary
27 Oct 1905         Miss Hulbert returns to Durham Rd, Mrs Gordon supplies temporary
8 Jan 1906           Miss M Symes commenced duties
6 Jul 1906            Miss Knapman sat for the Certificate exam
13 Jul 1906          Miss Delaney absent due to a rather serious accident
7 Sep 1906           Miss Knapman passed the exam with distinctions
12 Apr 1907        Miss Hausey absent – ill
7 Jun 1907           Holiday given for the visit of HRH the Prince of Wales
12 Jul 1907          Miss Symes ceases to teach in this school
26 Aug 1907        Miss C Williams transferred to Holy Cross Mixed School.  Miss Murphy & Miss W O’Leary have been appointed as certificated assistants.  Miss C Barry appointed as pupil teacher for 2 years
6 Sep 1907           Miss G Crolty commenced duties here
13 Sep 1907         Lessons interrupted owing to the noise caused by installing hot water pipes
20 Sep 1907         Miss M Barry went to Southampton Training College
25 Oct 1907         Miss O’Brien commenced duties here
15 Nov 1907        Miss Delaney given 3 weeks leave to prepare for the Certificate exam
9 Mar 1908          Miss Delaney & Miss Crolty were successful at the Certificate exam
29 May 1908       Miss G Crolty ceases to teach in this school
4 Sep 1908           Miss A O’Sullivan re-appointed to this school
12 Feb 1909         Miss O’Sullivan absent – ill
11 Mar 1909        Learned of the death of Miss A O’Sullivan, she had been a teacher here for 7 years
11 Jul 1909          Miss Knapman absent due to the death of her father
22 Apr 1910        Miss Barry transferred to Holy Cross Mixed.  Miss O’Brien took up duties here
19 Jul 1910          JM Driscoll appointed as pupil teacher for 2 years
22 Sep 1910         Miss D O’Brien ceases to teach here
14 Feb 1911         Miss Delaney ceases to teach here
16 Feb 1911         Miss M Kennedy appointed as certificated assistant to replace Miss Delaney who resigned
13 Apr 1911        Miss Stack ceases to teach here
26 Jun 1911         School closed for the Coronation of the King & Queen.  Children given tea, medals & mugs
14 Jul 1911          Holiday for the Investiture of HRH the Prince of Wales
28 Jul 1911          Flossy Murphy has been appointed as pupil for 2 years.  Miss Knapman ceases to teach here
8 Dec 1911          Miss Kennedy absent due to her father being ill
15 Dec 1911        Miss Kennedy absent due to the death of her father
8 Mar 1912          Miss Kennedy ceases to teach here
26 Apr 1912        Miss Webb appointed to replace Miss M Kennedy
26 Jul 1912          Miss Maria Knapman appointed as pupil teacher for 2 years.  Miss Webb ceases to teach here
26 Aug 1912        Miss B Looby commences duties here
10 Jan 1913         Miss Challenger commences as uncertificated assistant
4 Apr 1913          Miss K Barry still absent, Mrs Stibly supply
28 Apr 1913        Miss K Barry unable to resume duties ceases to teach here
6 Jun 1913           Miss Williams commences here
18 Jul 1913          Half holiday for the Brigade & Scouts Athletic Sports
29 Oct 1913         Miss Williams ceases to teach here
1 May 1914         Miss Challenger ceases to teach here
17 Jul 1914          Half holiday for the opening of the Alexandra Docks by HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught on Tuesday 14th
1 Sep 1914           Miss Driscoll commences duties
14 Sep 1914         Miss Hennessey commences duties
7 Jun 1915           Mrs Keyes (Supply) ceases duties
21 Dec 1915        Miss Dixon, uncertificated teacher, commences duties from 5 Jan
28 Jan 1916         Miss Murphy absent due to her mother’s death
11 Feb 1916         Miss Kennedy ceases teaching here
14 Feb 1916         Mrs Keyes replaces Miss Hennessy who has resigned
19 Apr 1916        Miss O’Leary ceases to teach here – resigned
4 Jul 1917            Handicraft ceases – the teacher has joined the Colours
28 Jan 1918         Miss Mary Lernard begins duties
21 Jun 1918         Children who purchased War Certificates were allowed to visit the Tank
11 Nov 1918        Half holiday to celebrate the Armistice
17 Jan 1919         By permission of the Admiralty a German submarine is on view at the docks.  Arrangements have been made with the Alexandra Docks & Railway Co for admission to the vessel
2 Sep 1919           Miss Hausey (teacher here for 19 years) died on 18 Aug.  Miss C Sutton replaces Miss Hausey
3 Sep 1919           Eileen Fortune, pupil teacher, commences duties
11 Nov 1919        The letter from the King was read to the pupils.  At 11am there were 2 minutes silence
214 Jun 1920       Half holiday for the Elementary School Sports
22 Jul 1920          Miss Flossie Murphy ceases to teach here.  Miss B Fortune transferred to St Joseph’s Mixed School.  Miss J O’Brien ceases to teach here
24 Aug 1920        Miss Elsie Walters, TC, commences in place of Miss J  O’Brien who resigned
10 Jun 1921         Holiday for the visit of HRH The Prince of Wales to the town
28 Feb 1922         Holiday for the marriage of HRH Princess Mary
28 Aug 1922        Miss R Edwards commences duties as assistant certificate trained
16 Feb 1923         Measles & whooping cough
28 Feb 1923         Miss Driscoll resigns
28 Mar 1923        Miss Sutton absent due to the death of her father
26 Apr 1923        Holiday for the marriage of HRH the Duke of York
28 May 1923       Empire Day.  Messages from the King & Queen delivered through the gramophone
27 Jul 1923          Miss Knapman resigns to get married
27 Aug 1923        Miss Julia O’Brien replaces Miss M Knapman (now Mrs Bowen), Miss Honoria O’Brien replaces Miss J Driscoll who left 28 Feb 1923
11 Jan 1924         Heavy fall of snow
14 Mar 1924        Influenza – death of one of the boys
30 May 1924       22 boys & 17 girls (mostly Standard 7) went to the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley.  Ivy Stobbs (Standard 7) won 1st prize of a guinea for her essay on the exhibition
29 Aug 1924        Miss K Sutton unable to teach due to a weak state of health, replaced by Miss Phyllis Snell
3 Nov 1924          News of the death of Miss Sutton who had taught here for 5 years, she died 23 Oct 1924
6 Jan 1925           Miss Phyllis Snell replaces Miss C Sutton
8 Aug 1925          Miss McCarthy appointed as assistant
13 Jan 1926         Miss McCarthy absent due to the death of her father
30 Nov 1926        Miss McCarthy resigns
3 Dec 1926          Miss Clissett replaces Miss McCarthy
1 Feb 1927           Miss Leonard absent due to her father being seriously ill
11 Feb 1927         Miss Leonard absent – father dead
29 Aug 1927        Miss Helen Gordon replaces Miss Leonard
14 Nov 1927        Miss Edwards resigns, replaced by Mrs Curran (Supply)
30 Nov 1927        Miss McCarthy resigns, replaced by Miss Clissitt
27 Aug 1928        Miss D Mulgreen appointed as assistant
11 Jan 1929         Miss Snell absent due to the death of her father
28 Jan 1936         Funeral of HM King George V
30 Aug 1937        Miss Dagger appointed to replace Mrs Hamilton who resigned 29 July
4 Sep 1939           School closed (4 to 15 Sep) during National Emergency
4 Sep 1939           St Mary’s School occupied by the Military, school transferred to Holy Cross & work will be by the single shift system
11 Dec 1939        Returned to St Mary’s
6 Jan 1940           Death of Miss Kenny
30 May 1941       Miss Madden resigns to get married (now Mrs McGeever), Resumes as supply
29 Aug 1941        School closed for evacuation.  3 children evacuated
29 Feb 1944         Sister Austin (Miss O’Brien) retired due to ill health
29 Mar 1944        King, Queen & Princess Elizabeth visit Newport
28 Aug 1944        Miss MJ Curran appointed as teacher
9 May 1945         Holiday for VE Day
25 Sep 1945         Holiday for VJ Day.  General Montgomery visits Newport

Many thanks to Dave Woolven for his time and skill transcribing many of the schools' records.