Durham Road Schools Admission Registers
Transcriber's Notes

These notes are in the order that the registers come off the pile.

Boys 1894-1914
Generally in a tidy hand but with some errors 'corrected' by over writing.
I'm sure that some 'Streets' were actually 'Roads' and some 'Roads' were 'Streets'.
LC probably Labour Certificate.
Intermediate School - I believe this was the original name of the Newport High School.
It seems that children with ringworm were sent to a special unit at St Woolos School.  Ringworm was a fungal infection that showed itself as red rings on the skin.

Boys 1981-1990
The first page is a mess with corrections being made on pieces of paper glued over the errors.
Surnames are printed & most are readable, the rest of the entries range from readable to a scribbled mess

Mixed Infants 1946-1948
Generally in a readable hand.  The numbers in Column K are written in the register margin - it doesn't say what they are but may be the admission numbers in the statutory register.

Mixed Infants 1934-1951
Years 1934 to 1936 are printed, generally neat with very little over writing.  Then scribble to 1949.  From 1949 to 1951 again printed but poorly done, some letters could be anything.
Go to Column L for additional details.

Boys 1914-1926
Poor handwriting throughout except the last few pages when it becomes abysmal.  Go to Column L for additional details

Girls 1980-1990
Surnames are printed & are generally readable, the rest of the entries are in a poor hand.  Go to Column L for additional details.

Mixed Infants 1951-1968
The first half of the register is printed with very little overwriting;  the second half has poorly printed surnames but the rest is a scribble.  Go to Column L for additional details.

Mixed Infants 1986-1999
For the years 1986 & 1987 the surnames are poorly printed, the rest of the entry being scribbled.  1988 onwards the whole entry has been printed but in many cases the mother either Ms or Mrs has been blobbed making the title unreadable.

Girls 1921-1946
The first 2/3rds of this register is a mess.  Each element (name, address, date of birth) has its own cell or box but the clerk has gone into the box alongside or below, the next item being then overwritten.  There are notes but with no indication as to where or what they belong, I have had to ignore them.  The last 1/3rd of the register was kept in a scribbled hand.

Mixed Infants 1968-1986
Kept in a reasonable hand until 1981 when the entries became a scribbled mess.

Girls 1946-1980
Kept in a variety of hands that ranged from clear & neat to a scribbled mess.

Teachers in the punisment book  1898-1949
Many of the signatures have been scribbled.

Punishment Book

Boys 1926-1949
Kept mostly in poor sloppy hands, many entries reduced to a scribbled mess.

Boys 1949-1981
A large part of this register kept in an abymal hand, surnames rendered as little more than a wiggly line.

Girls 1894-1903
Throughout, this register is a scribbled mess.

Girls 1894-1921
In the same hand as 'Girls 1894-1903'. A scribbled mess throughout.  The scribe has used the same squiggle for 'W', 'M' & 'D';  'L' looks like a written 'A'.

Many thanks to Dave Woolven for his time and skill transcribing many of the schools' records.