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John Frost's Final Resting Place

Richard Frame tells how he 'tracked down' John Frost's final resting place and obtained a grant from Newport Council for a new headstone:

"For a long time I searched for the grave of John Frost. I couldn't believe that no one in Newport knew where this famous son had been laid to rest. I finally got the information from a copy of his will in Newport reference library (see a transcription). Here it said he wanted to be buried with his son and wife at Horfield Parish Church in Bristol.
After searching the graveyard for hours I found no sign of a stone. As I was leaving, the vicar approached me with a book which he told me was a plan of the site made in 1939 by the sexton showing each memorial. Here I found the name Henry Hunt Frost, John's son. I went to the spot and found a stone disappearing into the ground with the word Henry on it. In the ground we found the other bits indicating it was indeed the Frost grave.
I approached Newport Council who gave me a small grant for a headstone and Les (Tombstone) Thomas carried out the task and created a beautiful stone. Neil Kinnock unveiled the stone and it was recorded by the BBC who interviewed me.

For more information and pictures of this amazing story follow this link.

Above: Holy Trinity Church, Wellington Hill, Horfield, Bristol.

Left: New Headstone.

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