Free Library Newport Mon. Bronze Medal, 1881

Item reference number: 173


Approximately 50mm diameter, the bronze medal seems to be the work of B. Sulman, medallist, London.

Please contact us if you possess one of these medals or a silver or silver gilt one.

The presentation of the award to Benjamin Baker is mentioned in the Monmouthshire Merlin 23 December 1881. Part of this is transcribed below:


Lillian Hawkes, certificate for photography; Katie M. Wells, ditto, and certificate and prize (case of crayons) for perspective; Samuel Loxton, certificate, bronze medal, and 2 for photography.
TOWN MEDALS. - Miss Alice B. Cox, bronze medal; Benjamin Baker, bronze medal; Edgar H. Watkins, silver medal."

Interesting to see the mention of Lillian Hawkes as she was awarded a silver medal in 1879 (see link below). Also we suspect the Samuel Loxton mentioned went on to become a well known artist in Bristol (see links below).

In the 1881 census Benjamin Baker is listed as 20 years of age, an architect living with his uncle in 5 Upton Place. We believe his father was George Tutton who married Sarah Brixey in 1860. He was living with his parents in the 1861 census but by 1871 he was living with his 'uncle', Benjamin Baker. This was probably actually his grandfather on his mother's side. In 1871 the young Benjamin's father was a brewery manager living in Llanelly with Benjamin's mother and four children. In 1881 Benjamin's parents had moved to Ashwell, Caerleon while Benjamin was still with his 'uncle'.
It is likely Benjamin's parents emigrated to Australia, his mother died there 1890.
In 1891 Benjamin was married, living in London, an architect/ventilating engineer, with a young daughter.
In 1901 he was still in London (Battersea), his wife had died and he was living with her parents and his two daughters.
We have not found any records for him after 1901. We suspect he emigrated to Australia as this is where his bronze medal turned up recently.
Why the change of name from Tutton to Baker? Probably he took his 'uncle's' name. On his wedding certificate (1888) his name is given as Benjamin Tutton Baker and his father as George Tutton Baker.

If you can throw some light on what became of Benjamin Baker please contact us.

Lillian Hawkes' Silver Medal

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