H.&M. 4 Church Rd. Newport Mon Token

Item reference number: 98

Henker & Mohune 4 Church Road Newport Mon token or check.

just 18mm diameter.

One of 5 versions - Cox 265.

Cox 262 has 1/2d in the centre of the obverse.
Cox 263 same as 262 but with 5 petal clover leaf on the reverse.
Cox 264 1d on reverse.
Cox 2224 2d on reverse.

In 1914 Henker and Mohune were in the 'automatic mechanics' business, operating from Church Road (see our 1914 searchable directory).

The 1911 census lists William Henker as a 'skin dresser' at the slaughter house, Mountain Ash, and Francis Mohune as an automatic machines commercial traveller. William, it seems, was also a watchmaker.

See Cox 262