Who What Where When - Can you help?


Where is this in Newport?

The view above is believed to be in Newport... Can you identify the location? It's a very distictive property with a grand porch. The house appears to be semi detached and the porch seems to have two front doors in it. Notice, too, the fine gable (this is a bit blurred).


This card has a Newport Mon postmark. Do you recognise the house?

Brynhyfryd Road?



A&G Taylor Pictorial Postcard, Duke St Arcade, Cardiff etc.

Postmarked Newport Mon 1907.

No clue in the sender's message on the reverse, he just explains that he couldn't find any paper to write a letter!

We think this is probably connected with the opening of the New Post Office, in High Street, on July 18th 1907. Interestingly the photographer has concentrated on the procession of postmen rather than the dignitaries.

Can you confirm that this is the occasion?


D. Pugh Dairyman Provision Merchant

This card has 'Newport, South Wales' written in pencil on the back. But is it Newport Monmouthshire?

We have found David Pugh, a shopkeeper at 30 maindee Parade in Johns's 1903 Newport Directory - however the number above the shop door on this photo is plainly 60.

So, can you provide any information about this picture?

WW1 Munitions Workers Newport

A postcard by White House Studios, Newport, Mon. Can you provide any information about the WW1 munitions works in Newport. Maybe you can identify one of the group?


Notice that the lady (right) is dressed in the uniform of the First World War 'clippies', the female conductresses recruited to take the place of men who had been called to the colours. This suggests therefore a date of around 1916 onwards. The bus itself, judging by its condition is considerably older (oil lamps and solid tyres!) and looks almost exactly like the vehicles that were commandeered from various local undertakings and taken to France for use as military transport.

The advert on the front of the top deck reads: FURNITURE & DECORATION, 161 2 3 Commercial Street Newport. The lettering on the side looks like: GWR

P E Gane Furnishers was established in Newport in 1891 so its advert on the bus might suggest one of its earliest publicity campaigns. The board could even have been transferred from a horse-drawn bus when that type of transport became obsolete shortly after the trams became elecrified in 1903.

If you can supply any more information about the photo please let us know via our 'contact us' link.

Many thanks to Haydn Davis for his help with the photo description.



Wounded servicemen? Hospital staff? They all seem to be wearing similar jackets. The name D Storar appears in the bottom right corner.


What connects these eight men?


H.2. Ward. Is this the Royal Gwent Hospital, Woolaston House...?


It's dated 1917.


Can you identify any of men or tell us how they are connected?



One of the men is 'Jack' Lewis. The others may be members of his family.


They are bakers, probably standing outside their bakery.


Almost certainly Newport. The postmark on the postcard is Newport Mon. Notice there is something with writing on it in the window on the right. This appears to say 'Newport'.


The card was posted 9.30pm, December 21st 1907.


To: Miss A Lewis
Heathfield Terrace

Dear Alice
just a line to say we received the parcel all right many thanks for same what do you think of this lot the Dam family. Mother is going to write an send the cards of Sunday am sending you one of my Photos they all say it is very good of me, mother is not at home this week she is at Mrs Piles all at home send love to you hope you will have a happy exmas
from your loving Brother Jack

Can you identify where the photo was taken?



At some time someone has written "Nursing Sisters Newport Hospital Monmouthshire" on the reverse of this old postcard.

Can you confirm this is Newport Monmouthshire; provide a date; maybe name some of the nurses?


We were sent this photograph by PAUL François and Claudine who wrote:

"Among the photographs of our family we found one of Helene COUSTENOBLE dating from October 1916. That picture was from White House Studios, Newport, Mon. Helene COUSTENOBLE was a cousin of my grandmother. Her parents lived in Nord-Pas-de-Calais in France. Perhaps she came to Newport to help as a nurse or for another job related with WW1... Perhaps she is on other photographs on the Newport Past website. If anyone knows more, please contact us."

If you can help, please send your information to the Newport Past team and we will forward it on.

We are slowly building up a collection of CDVs produced by Newport photographers and would be interested to receive any that visitors to the website can send - especially unusual CDVs.