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Town Hall Newport 1937

(Text and Image from Newport Encyclopaedia 1937) HISTORY of NEWPORT TOWN HALL By Johnson Blackett, A.R.I.B.A., Deputy Borough Architect. NEWPORT'S Municipal history is closely interwoven with the growth of its multifarious activities. From tim...

The Parrot Hotel, Commercial Street

Later the Talbot Hotel was built on this site. (Image from "Through Seven Reigns - A History Of Newport Police Force 1836 - 1959")

Newport Looking North-West

Looking up Commercial Street towards its junction with High Street on the right and Bridge Street and Stow Hill on the left. The building in the mid-distance is that of one of the principal banks, and here is the chief town centre. In the background ...

May Day Show And Horse Parade

(Photo from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

Garretts Limited Cash Chemists, 33 Commercial Street

Photographic apparatus and material warehouse. Cameras in great variety. Plates and papers of all makers. Photographic chemicals at lowest prices for cash. Prescriptions dispensed with the purest drugs at from about 30 percent to 50 percent below usu...

R. H. Johns's New Central Stationery Stores and Printing Works.

Most complete stock of commercial and office stationery in the county. Prompt and personal attention to all orders by post or telephone. 46 Commercial Street, nearly opposite "Telegraph" Office. Telephone; National No. 301. Post Office No. 592. Wo...

London and Provincial Bank Limited, 14 Commercial Street.

On the Junction of Corn Street and Commercial Street. (Photo from Johns's Newport Directory 1911.)

A & G Taylor Photographers' Studio

Best appointed studio in South Wales. Day and electric light. Presentation pictures of every description. Black and white, sepia or coloured. Cabinet portraits from 10 shillings per dozen. Best finish and permanent. Careful attention is given to outd...

Main Hall of R. H. Johns Ltd Printing Works.

View of portion of main hall of R.H. Johns Ltd. printing works 46 Commercial Street. (Photo from Johns's Newport Directory 1911.)

Machinery Department, R. H. Johns Ltd.

View of corner of machinery department, R. H. Johns Ltd up-to-date printing works, Newport. The whole of the printing machines &c. in this establishment are driven by electric motors. (Photo and text from Johns's Newport Directory 1911.)