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Clarence Place & Technical Schools

Postcard - maker unknown.

Clarence Place and Tramway Junction Newport

Postcard - The Directory Series 201049. Postmarked 1907.

The War Memorial

Postcard - Ernest T Bush 4734.

Chepstow Road and Caerleon Road Newport

Postcard - W H Smith & Son.

Newport Bridge and Clarence Place

Postcard - maker unknown. Postmarked 1905.

Technical Institute Clarence Place Newport

Postcard - Raphael Tuck & Sons Plate Marked Sepia 2494. Postmarked 1917.

Corporation Road Newport Mon

Postcard - maker unknown 4950.

Cenotaph Newport Mon

Postcard - Valentines Silveresque W 1452.

Clarence Place Newport

Postcard - Ernest T Bush The Royal Photographic Company London 2488.

Chepstow Road Newport Mon

Postcard - The Woodbury Series 2749.