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Newport Station East End

A train from Paddington, hauled by a Castle Class Loco (probably 5077}, is arriving in Newport station, passing, on the right, the new signal box being built for the new electric signalling scheme,July 1961. Photo by Mike Macleur

Off To Support Newport County

A double chimney Castle Class loco frames these three County supporters (Colin Jeremiah, Glyn Teague and Howard ?) on their way to see the County loose 1-0 at Weymouth in the first round of the FA cup, c. 1962. Photo by Mike Macleur

A Study of Chepstow Castle

Castle class 4-6-0 Loco no. 4077 Chepstow Castle, awaits the off with a Cardiff bound train, c. 1958. Photo by Mike Macleur

The Red Dragon Arriving

This time the Red Dragon is being hauled by a Castle class loco, c. 1961. Photo by Mike Macleur

Evening Train to London

Castle class loco No. 5077 Fairey Battle, pulls into Newport with an evening train to London, c. 1961. Photo by Mike Macleur

The Down Red Dragon

Castle class Loco No. 5061, Earl of Birkenhead, has just arrived from London with the down working of the Red Dragon. The time will be about 9.15 pm, so this working was only able to be photographed in the mid summer months. Photo by Mike Macleu...

Ebbw Junction

A Peak Type 4 Loco passes the new diesel shed at Ebbw Junction, with a Newcastle-Cardiff train, April 1967. Photo by Mike Macleur

All Diesel Now

Peak No. D32 awaits departure with a Newcastle-Cardiff train and is passed by a Brush Type 4 loco on a freight working, May 1967. Photo by Mike Macleur

The South Wales Pullman

Castle Class 4-6-0 No. 5051 Earl Bathurst, pauses at Newport with the down South Wales Pullman, July 1961. Photo by Mike Macleur

Down Red Dragon

Another shot of Castle Class 4-6-0 No.5061 Earl of Birkenhead, with the down Red Dragon, c. 1961. Photo by Mike Macleur