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The Transporter Bridge At An Early Stage of Construction

On the reverse of the old photo is written: "First section of steelwork of the Transporter Bridge across the River Usk."

Transporter Newport - View Of Car

Huxtable Brothers postcard view of Newport Transporter Bridge.

The Transporter Bridge During Construction.

Postcard view of the bridge under construction.

Transporter Bridge, Newport

Postcard view of the bridge.

Transporter Bridge - Artist Impression

Postcard: Greenland & Sons, Newport, Mon. Na´ve picture to give an impression of the bridge before it was completed. The message on the reverse is fun, though... it predates the poem 'Disobedience' by A.A. Milne but has some similarity. Pass...

Beechwood Road - The Spooners Paradise

A comedy postcard. It harks back to the days when there were places popular with 'courting' couples. Other favoured locations were the canal towpath and the transporter bridge. This card was published by Stanley Jones, New Arcade, Newport, M...

The Transporter Car, Newport, Mon.

Postcard view.