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Beechwood Road - The Spooners Paradise

A comedy postcard. It harks back to the days when there were places popular with 'courting' couples. Other favoured locations were the canal towpath and the transporter bridge. This card was published by Stanley Jones, New Arcade, Newport, M...

The Newport Canal

Postcard view of Bridge 2 and the Gwastad or Bottom Lock. This is the section of the canal which is now adjacent to the M4 Motorway shortly after the Brynglas Tunnel on the way towards Cardiff. The date on the postcard was 1952.

Canal Locks, Newport

Postcard view, posted in 1952. This section has now been restored - a project between Newport City Council and the Monmouthshire, Brecon and Abergavenny Canals Trust which has been funded by over a million pounds from the Heritage Lottery Fund and ot...

Little Switzerland Showing The Reservoir, Newport

An unusual view showing some of the Fourteen Locks.

Decaying Canal Barge - 1950s.

The remains of the last canal boat... When they were taking the boats down to Newport a lock gate collapsed, leaving this barge stranded. This photo was taken in the 1950s. Photo and information kindly sent to us by Dafydd Powell.

Diving Into The Canal 1897 Photo By Huxtable

This is the 'Stone' end of the section of the canal known as the 'Stone and Pad'. It was a popular area for diving, the more adventurous launching themselves from high up by the lock gates. The 'Pad' end was for learners. Photo and information kindl...

Swimming in the Canal

These swimmers are in the 'Pad' end of the section of the canal known as the 'Stone and Pad'. This was an area popular with those learning to swim. At the 'Stone' end diving from up near the lock gates was a popular pastime! Photo and information ki...