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The Friars 1937

The "Friars" with its beautiful grounds was given to the Royal Gwent Hospital by Viscount Tredegar in 1913. (Image and text from Newport Encyclopaedia 1937)

Newport Rugby Team 1910 - 1911

Wally Jones, G. Hurst, W. Onions, C. M. Pritchard, H. Uzzell, B. Huzzell, C. Frederick, P. Coldrick, P. Jones, G. Thomas (Trainer). Reg.Edwards, J. E. C. Partridge, S. Williams, T. H. Vile (Captain), E. Thomas, F. Birt. W. Martin, Ivor Evans, Reg. Pl...

Newport Rugby Team 1936 - 1937

Back Row (Standing): C. Mogford (Trainer), V. Law (Captain, 1937-8), E. Coleman, W. Travers, A. Rowe, L. Evans, T. J. Rees, E. McColville, W. Bale. Second Row: M. Chatwin, W. H. Hopkin, J. R. Evans (Captain, 1936-7), V. Griffiths (Football Secretar...

Newport County Players 1936 - 1937

Back Row: M. J. Sullivan, L. Edwards, H. Webb, F. W. Chadwick, E. Foote, B. Ellis, J. A. Webb. Second Row: H. A. Duggan, W. M. Owen, A. E. Hickman, R. Parkin, R. S. Lawrance, H. Pearson, B. Williams (Player-Coach), T. Wood, J. Kelso. Front Row: A. ...

The W R Lysaght Institute 1937

By The Secretary, T Crowther. This fine Institute was built by the joint efforts of the firm of John Lysaght, Ltd. and its employees, as a lasting tribute to the devoted beneficent leadership during a period of fifty years of Mr. W. R. Lysaght, C....

Lysaght's Orb Works Brass Band 1937

By Owen Davies, Band Secretary. The Band was formed under Bandmaster Jack Marsh when the men returned from the Great War, and the first parade was at the Re-union on Somerton Park in 1919. Mr. A. Leyshon (late of New Tredegar and Cwm Prize Bands)...

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Arriving At Newport Station 1937

(Image from Newport Encyclopaedia 1937)

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Royal Visit 1837

The Royal couple leaving Newport Railway Station on way to the future site of the Civic Centre. Photo: "Newport Encyclopaedia. Coronation Year And Royal Visit Souvenir. 1937"

John Gristock Huxtable

Chief constable of Newport Police 1852 - 1875. (Image from "Through Seven Reigns - A History Of Newport Police Force 1836 - 1959")

Captain Charles Edmund Gower

Chief constable of Newport Police 1912 - 1928. (Image from "Through Seven Reigns - A History Of Newport Police Force 1836 - 1959")