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Newport Bridge 2007

From a private collection.

Newport Bridge and River Bank 2007

From a private collection.

Electric Haulage Motor - Newport Transporter Bridge

One of the two 35 horse-power electric motors which pull the platform to and fro across the river. The motors are controlled from the bridge of the gondola and can also be controlled from the motor house. The electric supply can be taken from either ...

Old Town Dock Entrance

Opened 1842 and filled in 1932. Photograph Haydn Davis.

Newport Showing The Transporter Bridge & River Usk

Postcard view postmarked 1905. By August 1905 the bridge was nearing completion. However the bridge in this picture has clearly been drawn in. Notice the back of the hospital right foreground.

Newport Transporter Bridge

Postcard view, postmarked August 1907.

Wharfs on the River Usk and The Alexandra Docks

View from the transporter bridge

Steam Train crossing the River Usk Bridge Newport.

Up mineral train crossing the river bridge which was widened on the northern side when two additional tracks were laid in 1925. Source: "The Railways of Newport" - article in "The Railway Magazine" July 1960.

Newport Bridge

A Tuck postcard - NPT 16. An unusual view, probably from the railway bridge.

The Old Town Dock 1974

The buildings across the river are the Orb Works. Photo VR Young.