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The Drill Hall Dock Street

The Neptune Inn 37 Dock Street

Construction of Newport Bypass - Kingsway - 1934

South Wales Argus, March 24th 1934. "The gradient leading up to the junction of High Street, Dock Street and Shaftesbury Street.

Kingsway January 1935

South Wales Argus, January 12th 1935. "The new Dock Street bypass road at Newport, which opened in November."

The Neptune Inn Dock Street

The road between Farrow Bros and the Neptune Inn is Union Lane.

The Castle Hotel and Old Green Crossing

This view appears to have been taken from the railway bridge. We are looking at the junction of Shaftesbury Street, High Street, Dock Street, Kingsway and Newport Bridge / Clarence Place.

The Railway Hotel

80 Dock Street.

Kingsway and Castle

Frith's postcard

Number 3 Bus, Old Green Crossing, 1954

Newport Corporation Bus number 128, registration number DDW 128, about to pull in to the bus station in Dock Street on its way from Malpas to Maesglas. Daimler CWD6 chassis, Duple body, built 1946 and withdrawn 1962. It received a new DJ Davies H...

Single Decker Bus KDW 260, At The Bus Station, Dock Street

Dennis Lancet UF chassis, DJ Davies Body. Built 1954, withdrawn 1966/67.