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Steam Yacht Liberty.

The Steam Yacht Liberty was designed by G L Watson and Company and built in 1908 by Ramage and Ferguson. It had a fascinating service at one time owned by a great benefactor of Newport before it was broken up in 1938, when it returned home, so to spe...

HMS Devonshire

Completed in 1929. Gross weight 9850tons. Scrapped at Cashmore's December 1954. From a private collection.

The Tugs Duneagle and Dunraven tow HMS Cleopatra to the Newport Breakers Yard of Cashmores

Cleopatra was a cruiser, built in 1941. She arrived in Newport to be scrapped on the 15th December 1958. From the South Wales Argus 1994.

The Reina del Pacifico On The Last Leg Of Her Last Voyage

Heading for Cashmores. passenger cargo ship Reina del Pacifico, 17872 gross tons. She was built in 1951 and arrived at Cashmores to be scrapped on the 11th May 1958. Photo: South Wales Argus