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St Woolos Church Newport

Postcard - maker unknown 8094. Postmarked 1904.

Stow Hill Newport Mon

Postcard - WWC (Williams & Curnuck) 555. Postmarked 1912.

Stow Hill Newport Mon

Postcard - J Williams (Newport) Limited.

Stow Hill Newport

Postcard - Wm Jones 159 Commercial Street Newport.

Commercial Street Newport

Postcard - Wyman & Sons Ltd Newport No 4. Tram 19 is waiting to depart for Corporation Road. The other tram (from Stow Hill) will run to Corporation Road.

Newport Roller Skating Rink

Postcard - Kime.

Stow Hill Newport

Postcard - The Universal Series 165 No 5.

Stow Hill Newport

Postcard - Max Ettlinger & Co Ltd - Enemarett Series 1124. Postmarked 1908.

Stow Hill Newport

Postcard - FSE Series Newport 10575 - 1790.

The Choir at the West Door of St Luke's Church

From a pamphlet printed in 1954. See link to text below. Front row third from left: John Carney organist at St Luke's and later at St Mary's RC Church Stow Hill for 40 years. Extreme right back row: Margaret Rose Carney (nee James).