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High Street Newport Mon.

Postcard view. Notice the crowded pavements!

High Street and Corn Exchange Newport Mon

WW&C postcard. (Williams and Curnuck) Smashing view of the top end of High Street.

High Street

Cropped view of a WW&C postcard.

Junction of High Street and Skinner Street, 1903

Facing us is the Birmingham District and Counties Bank. From the Newport Year Book, 1903.

Newport on Coronation Day, 1902.

Notice the horse-drawn tram, electric trams were introduced in the town in 1903. From Newport Year Book, 1903.

High Street Newport Mon

Postcard view, the Woodbury Series No. 2752

High Street Viewed From The Top Of The Westgate Hotel

Great postcard view clearly showing the tram lines. At the top, an electric tram is just coming into sight following a Rolls Royce. A sign of things to come, a motor bus can be seen centre of picture. No traffic lights, a policeman is directing the t...

High Street From The Shaftesbury Hotel, Newport

Postcard view, postmarked 6 June 1923.

The High Street, Newport

Postcard view. The wrench series, No. 6038. Postmarked June 9th 1904.