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Newport Mon - The Waking City - Commercial Street

Postcard published by H.E. Griffiths and posted in 1908. Newport did not become a city until 2002 - 94 years after this postcard was sent.

The London Hosiery Company, 42 Commercial Street, Newport, 1932

Postcard - dated April 1932 in pencil on the back. See link below for a cropped view of the staff. Johns's 1932 Newport Directory has the following entry for number 42 Commercial Street: "Birmingham Haberdashery Co., wholesale warehousemen and ...

Staff of the London Hosiery Company Shop, Newport, Mon, 1932

Situated 42 Commercial Street, Newport. Previously Birmingham Haberdashery Company. The shop is described as "wholesale warehousemen and retailers" in Johns's 1934 Newport Directory. The manager was William Johnson - could this be the man in the b...

RH Johns Ltd Advert - Let Us Design A Postcard For You

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Newport Town Hall Decorated for the Coronation of King George VI, 1937

Postcard by Crown Studios, 29, Commercial Street, Newport.

Commercial Street

From an album of photos taken by William Thomas born in Newport 1889. Many thanks to Archie Miles for sending us the photo.

Proclamation Of The King, January 26th 1901

Outside the Town Hall, Commercial Street, Newport. Note the gentleman in the top left corner. What some people will do for a good vantage point! Photo from Johns's Newport Directory, 1901.

T F Emmens, Hosier, Hatter, Glover, Shirtmaker

Situated 19 Commercial Street, "Next to Town Hall". Source: Johns's 1901 Newport Directory.

Commercial Street

Valentine Series Postcard 54742.

R. H. Johns's Sationers and Printers, 46 Commercial Street

An advert from the Newport Year Book, 1903.