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Nicholas & Co., Ltd.

English and foreign timber and slate merchants. Steam planing, moulding and turning mills, Baltic Wharf and Alexandra Dock, Newport. Source: 'Newport Year Book 1902' published by the Newport Chamber Of Commerce.

Board of Directors of the Alexandra Docks and Railway Newport 1914

Sir Henry Mather Jackson, Bt. (Chairman); the Rt. Hon. Lord Tredegar; Leolin Forestier-Walker, Esq., JP; Lieut.-Col. H.E.M. Lindsay, CB, RE; Stanley Baldwin, Esq., MP; W. Bailey Hawkins, Esq.; E. Steer, Esq., JP. Source: "The Alexandra Docks, Newp...

Coal Hoists, Town Dock, Newport 1914

In 1914 Newport Town Dock was equipped with four coal hoists, three of which were 'modern' steel structures having a lift of 35 ft. above quay level, and designed to deal with loaded coal wagons of a gross weight of 23 tons. Source: "The Alexandra...

Two Moveable Hoists, North Dock, Alexandra Docks, Newport

Source: "The Alexandra Docks, Newport" published 1914

Mining and other Timber on East Quay, North Dock, Newport 1914

Source: "The Alexandra Docks, Newport" published 1914

High Bunkering, South Dock, Newport 1914

On the west side the South Dock was equipped with four 'modern' and powerful hydraulic coal tips erected on jetties which projected into the dock. Source: "The Alexandra Docks, Newport" published 1914

East Quay, South Dock, Newport 1914

This quay wall, which was brought into use in 1905, was 800 feet long, and was equipped with eight powerful hydraulic cranes, six of 3 tons, and two of 6 tons lifting capacity. Source: "The Alexandra Docks, Newport" published 1914

No. 1 General Cargo Warehouse, East Quay, South Dock. Newport 1914.

From 'The Alexandra Docks Newport', 1914: "This quay is also provided with a brick warehouse 200 feet long by 70 feet wide. The floor, which is of platform type, has an area of over 12,000 square feet, and a siding runs through the back of the war...

Letting Water into the South Dock Extension, Alexandra Docks, Newport 1907

From 'The Alexandra Docks, Newport', published 1914: "The Alexandra Docks and Railway Company then obtained powers (in 1904) inter alia, to extend their South Dock. This work, and those which followed have been of the highest importance to the pro...

Front View of Tip Tower No. 5, Alexandra Docks Newport 1914

Source: "The Alexandra Docks, Newport" published 1914