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Union Castle Liner KENILWORTH CASTLE In The Alexandra South Dock, Newport


Newport Bridge And Castle

Postcard view. From the private collection of Anthony Halse.

Road Junction High Street

Traffic directions being given at the Old Green Crossing by a policeman standing in the centre of a temporary roundabout. Trams pass through the centre of the roundabout. Many thanks to Alan George who dated the photo this way: "This is a particu...

Newport Castle, Bridge And Technical College

This photos comes from a small 1944 publication: "Newport A Guide For The Visitor & Tourist." Motor buses and electric trams, cyclists and pedestrians. Must have been an 'old' photo when the guide was published as the last tram ran in 1937.

Bridge And Castle

From "Newport And District", published by G. Joyce, bookseller, Newport.

High Street, Newport, Monmouthshire

Early 1900s photo of the section of High Street between the town bridge and Screw Packet Road / Dock Street. The shops along here were: Singers Sewing Machines Hindley, Thomas, china dealer Fox G. & C. cutlers and opticians Taylor E. W. outfitt...

77 High Street, Davies & Sons, Tailors, Costumers

From Johns's 1905 Newport Directory. Adjacent to Newport Castle and the town bridge.

J. W. Beynon

MR. JOHN WYNDHAM BEYNON, of Bryn Ivor Hall, Castleton, the Chairman of the Newport Harbour Board, is the son of the late Mr. Thomas Beynon, who was one of the Shipowners' Representatives on the Board for many years, an ex-Mayor of Newport, and at one...

River Usk Castle & Bridge

We think this is the 'Gridiron' which was 250 feet long and 37 feet wide. The sailing vessel is "ACTIVE" from DUBLIN. The three figures give some idea of the scale. Source: an original hand coloured magic lantern slide.

River Usk And Castle

Early 1960s postcard view. The River Usk, Castle and bridge still remain but almost everything else has now gone.