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Bridge Street

The properties on the right - soon to be demolished - are closed and some boarded up. The pub just beyond Depot Street is the New Bridge Inn. (Photo from a pivate collection.)

Station Aproach

Steps to the footbridge leading to Mill Street over the railway lines. (Photo from a pivate collection.)

Shaftesbury Street - The End!

A section of Shaftesbury Street closed forever. To the right of picture the Old Town Flour Mill can be seen and one can just about make out Mill Street beyond. (Photo from a pivate collection.)

The Top Of Dock Street

These shops practically ran to a point at the top of High Street. Here we see Fussells Sports Ltd - sports outfitters, toys and games, models and fishing tackle. Next door is W J Carters and Sons, hairdressers. The road running behind is Kingsway. ...

Mill Street Running Down To Join Shaftesbury Street

At the time this photograph was taken the building on the right was the British Railways Institute. (Photo from a pivate collection.)

Railway Bridge Over Shaftesbury Street

The section of road put through in the 1870s as a more direct route Northwards out of Newport. Previously traffic had to negotiate the level crossing in Thomas Street and then travel down Mill Street and out along the Marshes Road. The shop on the r...

The Junction of Mill Street And Shaftesbury Street.

The buildings opposite are vacant - soon to be demolished to make way for the Old Green Crossing road scheme. The properties from right to left include: a secondhand shop; Richards hairdressers; Workmens Reform Club; T H Sutcliffe - tripe dressers; S...

The Station Inn, Shaftesbury Street

The inn took its name from the old Eastern Valley railway station which was once just behind this property on the Marshes Road. (Photo from a pivate collection.)

Cambrian Road

(Photo from a pivate collection.)

The Capitol Cinema

The Capitol has seen its last show, now soon to be demolished. Next door is the central fire station. (Photo from a pivate collection.)