Robert Wynn

Photo reference number: 1373

(Photo and text from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

Wynn, Robert was born in Newport in 1863, and was educated locally. His early life was spent in association with his father - a former servant of the Great Western Railway Company - who started in the hauling business here, and he has been connected with transport matters ever since. The firm - which is to-day so well known under the style of Robert Wynn and Sons - was originally established more than half a century ago, and they today own and operate the largest equipment for road transport in South Wales. In the industrial growth of the district they have taken their full share in dealing with the reception and delivery of much of the plant and material required for the various large works in the locality. It is pretty safe to assume that in any further developments - such as may be expected to take place - the wide experience of Mr. Wynn and his sons will be called into requisition by those firms who may be arranging to open up new industries in the town and its vicinity. It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Wynn is probably one of the best known business men in the whole County of Monmouth. Address: 50 Shaftesbury street (town end). Tel. 3294. Residence: 52 Shaftesbury street. Tel. 3538.