Christmas Party taken at Malpas Court about 1947

Photo reference number: 926

Malcolm Periam sent us this photo with this description:

"In the front of the photograph you will see a little girl named Angelia Rice, with her mother holding her arm, myself Malcolm Periam behind her and behind me a John Woodman, to the right with his mother could be Alan Bunce. I lived in the camp with my parents, Alfred Periam and Nancy Periam, our hut would have been in the area just in front of the Mansion house. As a boy I can still remember my father decorating the inside walls of the hut using a mixture of water and powder which may have been called distemper paint, no luxury of emulsion at that time, I can also remember playing around the Mansion House when it was empty and again going into the house when it became a club.

Although the dwellings were only ex-army huts, Malpas Court had a excellent community spirit which included a wonderful social side with the Malpas Court Community Hall or later Club being at the hub of all events, when the camp finished and the people moved to different areas of Newport many of these people still stayed friends and some did move to the same areas of Newport, Malpas, Bishpool and Maesglas, just to mention a few."

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