Corn Exchange, Post Office And Station Approach, High Street

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Corn Exchange.

Situate near the top of High Street, between the railway station and the bridge, and noticeable by its Clock Tower, was erected by public subscription in 1878 in memory of the first Lord Tredegar. Following the re-building of the Post Office, and the widening of High Street by the re-building of the adjoining premises, the facade and tower were taken down and set back, and somewhat re-modelled in re-erection.

Post Office.

The Post Office, opened July 18th, 1907, is situated in High-street, between the Railway Station and the Corn Exchange, and is a very handsome and imposing looking structure. The site is an admirable one in many ways, there being direct access between the sorting and despatching rooms and the Railway Station, enabling the mails to be easily and quickly transferred. The structure, which is five storeys high, including the basement, now provides ample accommodation for the large business transacted in the postal department in the town. The main entrance is at the left-hand side of the building, and leads into the general public office, the remainder of the ground floor being mainly occupied by the sorting room. The telegraph and tele?phone instrument rooms are on the second floor, the third floor being occupied by the battery rooms, stores, etc. The cost of the building, including furniture and fittings, was about 31,000.

(Text and Photo from Johns's Newport Directory 1928)