The Last Tram

Photo reference number: 1655


Photo taken in Westgate Square 10.50pm. on Sunday 5th September 1937 of the last tramcar, no 51, which left the Westgate for the depot.

The tram, driven by ex-tramway inspector J. Evans, was overloaded with passengers, including many old employees of the undertaking. Two other long-service drivers F. Weeks and G. Bull were given the privilege of sharing the driving on the tram's last journey from the Docks to the Corporation Road depot. When No 51 arrived at the depot souvenir hunters got busy, stripping the vehicle of anything that could be removed and kept as a souvenir. Tram No 53 was actually the last car to arrive at the depot, having travelled from the Corporation Road terminus. (See 'Trams & Buses Of Newport 1845 - 1981' by D.B. Thomas & E.A. Thomas.)