The Alexandra Dock Hotel

Photo reference number: 828

35 Watchhouse Parade.

Leslie Leveson sent us the following:

"What a wonderful public house which was run by the late Jack Chicken and his wife 'Mag,' as she was known. A place which was frequented by many of the docking fraternity and tug boat skippers. These were the characters being Alan Powell, George Canning, who resided in Cardiff and would take a photograph of every ship he handled coming into the dock. Another one being Danny Lynch and Nobby Browning who was an engineer on board Captain Powell's tug. These worked for Dunns towage, operating out in the channel. Then you would have the company tugs who would handle the internal inside the docks. These skippers being Joe Cotterill, Dai Card - wonderful characters in their own right. The Alexandra Old boys used it as their base, and in the summer months you would see them play their old adversaries, St Michaels, at baseball held over at Coronation Park. Just now the memories of the mind."

Pub Token for the hotel

Hotel struck by bomb in WW2